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I would love, love, LOVE it if you did more series like the "Hollywood History" episodes of The Big Picture. That was endlessly fascinating. I'd also like to see you do retro-reviews of movies. Maybe something like Roger Ebert's "Great Movies" column where you write at length about why a movie is good and is worth seeking out.

In terms of non-movie stuff, I'd like to see you conduct more interviews if that's possible. Maybe some crossover stuff with folks like Jim Sterling, The Last Angry Geek or Grey Carter.

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Hmmm...either Futurama references or "More Than Meets The Eye!"

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For Transformers, the current comics coming out--particularly More Than Meets The Eye--is fast becoming MY version (I was too young for Beast Wars, but will watch it soon.)

Same as Allen on the Ninja Turtles, not that I care too much. I'm with you on B:TAS; I hear Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill whenever I read a Batman story.

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No, you didn't miss anything. Optimus is one of the Knights of Cybertron. Lockdown's ship is the same--if not one of--the ships that the Creators have in the prologue.

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Yup! One of my best friends is a professional comics letterer. We met in a Transformers message board and I found his work on DeviantArt shortly thereafter. We've been friends ever since.

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REALLY need to watch this show! Is Martin Freeman still on his hot streak?

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I wasn't meaning to imply that last statement. But exactly! Some people you empathize with in some ways but in other ways you can't.

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I actually just finished writing an essay about this. I feel like there's a paradox in comics fandom--and all fandoms in general really--of making a point of being a safe place to geek out about whatever, then immediately mock each other for not doiing it the right way. I'm tired of that crap.

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So it's a blend of TDKR/New 52/Arkham games? All right, I guess I'm down.

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This....this doesn't look...bad?!? I, I don't know how to feel.