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My theory is that the new Reformed movement is the reason for Baptist guys going Presby or Anglican in general. You're right - seems like it used to be more rare.

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This was fantastic.

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Great picture. You take it?

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She runs a faster mile than me. Wearing a 75lb suit.

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- Didn't think of the Ricin for the Schwartzs. That's an interesting theory. Good call on that one.

- I wondered the same thing on Jessie grabbing the bars.

- As much as it pains me to say it, I haven't felt nearly as awed by the last two episodes as everybody else. However, Todd/Skylar and Todd/Jessie's girl sequences last night had my jaw dropped. Two great, shocking scenes.

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Ice Capades joke was great.

I know I should have disliked Walt's confessions on the phone, but that sequence was just too great.

I think Marie's the one who spray paints the name on the wall. She's gonna' come after Walt for Hank's death, I think.

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You see the buzz on the internet about the DEA mug? Folks are saying that when Jesse's mug was on the table close to Marie's purple mug, the perspective made it look like it was spelling "DEAD."

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Didn't know that about the color thing. That's pretty cool. I was a little underwhelmed by the episode, although I got pretty dang nervous when that garage door came down.