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Pretty solid list. I'm glad the Firefly family was featured here. Those are two of my favorite movies, because, although they are admittedly very gorey, it is never campy and it works very well within the context of the movies (for the most part). I also found myself rooting for the Fireflies at the end of the second movie, which was a surprising and wonderful twist.

Also, I was a bit confused by the title, as "hire" is not a common American phrase for "rent." But don't worry, I figured it out.

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That's why the title is 10 Hollywood creative kills.

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Interesting list. I've never given this too much thought. Although I do remember really liking when Hannibal Lecter fed Ray Liotta his own brain in Hannibal. I don't remember if you every see Liotta die, but either way, it was a good idea.

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A bit too much editorializing in #4 for my taste, but awesome list otherwise. It definitely made me question how I feel about gender selection techniques. I used to be against the idea, but this list showed me that I clearly didn't know enough about it. Time for further reading!

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Humans have already made it to the uncanny valley. The technology exists to create uncomfortably lifelike computer images and whatnot, so it's not really a matter of "when." Maybe a matter of "how," when these ultra-lifelike programs and robots start to take more prevalent roles in entertainment and society.

Pretty good list. Ended better than it began. I think the dollar bills offers up one of the most interesting questions. It's like the Perseus' ship question. How are we to say what is the "real" money when they are identical?

The Hitler one is kind of goofy.

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Great list. Has anyone else seen those kiddie tramp stamps that toy stores are now selling. I think they sell them under the name "temporary lower back tattoo," but come on, we all know what they are really called.

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Great list, TyB.
I would definitely include (google these if you haven't seen them):
-human-faced carp
- Barrell-eyed fish
- Sheepshead wrasse

Looks like fish are good fodder for weird faces.

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What a cool list. It didn't seem to sit well with "Jan" up there, but it seems everyone else liked it too.

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Very interesting list. I know pretty much nothing about champagne, so this was definitely a learning experience. Why did Alexander II think a flat bottom would help? I understand making the bottle clear, but it doesn't seem like the bottom would be able to conceal anything.

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Great list, Jamie. I would have included Elizabeth Bathory because of 1) the body count: apparently her personal diary documents the deaths of some 600 women, many by her own hand and 2) there is very little to support a mental illness that could have influenced her action. It's said that she was an extremely intelligent woman who mastered several languages while most of the ruling class of Hungary was illiterate.

And while I agree that the woman on this list are more sadistic than some of the men and therefore much creepier, it's ordered well since I don't think sadism is directly equaled to evil. If it was, I think we would see a lot more of the gruesome serial killers from the past lists.