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I corrected and added a few you missed, like Homeless, Hiroshima (not Russia), Nurse Rached, Phony friend rather than Family friend (originally thought it was Phone a friend but yhis came out well before Millionaire was on in the UK!), etc. Went back to my original HQ version, this v2 btw, which I think was the released version, same as on Snub TV.

This is the full list:

"Adolf Hitler. Mike Gatting. Terry and June. Fuckin’ bastard Thatcher. Insincere social climber of mixed origin. Overdose. Scouse impersonators. Macho dickhead. Bonnie Langford. Poll tax. Neighbours. Lost keys. Phony friend. The Royal Family. Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Heartbreaking, lying friend. Smiling Judas. Myra Hindley. Acid rain. Stinking, rich female in furs. Disloyal lover. Wife and child beater. Drunken abuser. Racist bully. The Sun newspaper. AIDS inventor. Leon Brittan. All nonces. Massive, massive oil slick. Loneliness. Cancer. Hard, cold fish. Hunger. Greed. Imperfect list. Gut-wrenching disappointment. Homeless. Evil, gossiping fashion bastard. Radio One. Tasteless A&R wanker. Nurse Ratched. the Tory invention of the non-working class. Cold turkey. Mister Jesse Helms. Fractured coccyx. Hillsborough. Weird British judges. Depression. Apartheid. J Edgar Hoover. John Lennon’s murder. Hiroshima. Anyone’s murder. Vietnam. The breakdown of the NHS. The bomb. Heysel stadium. Police harassment. The death of the rain forest. The troubles. Rednecks. The clamp*. Rape. Imprisonment of innocents. The all-American way. The sending off of Len Shackleton, Red sock in the white washing. Nancy’s turn. Tiananmen Square. Ronnie’s turn. Sexual harassment. Jimmy Tarbuck. Mile-long check-out queue. Sick baby. Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment. Miscarriage. Where were you?"

* not sure if this is The Clap (slang for VD) or The clamp, wheelclamping had come to Britain just before this.

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That didn't actually happen...not the murder, but 30/many people ignoring her, that's a myth.

They all saw or heard little bits, not the whole thing, I think maybe one person saw what happened, and they did act - most thought it was a lover's tiff. Some did think someone else will do something, but certainly nearly all of them didn't know she was being murdered. But the paper made out that everyone didn't care... number is wrong too, about a dozen people heard or saw something. Problem of big cities, having stood up to people and found the 'victim' turn on me because it wasn't what I think it was - easy to make out no-one cares but people do odd things, get drunk, have fights, make noise. Not always black/white.


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Also I always tell people who ask where my T-shirts are from! Least I can do.

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I've had people steal (i.e. put their name to them) and sell my mashups. That's annoying, since the original artists don't get anything, I don't expect anything since it's not completely mine, and obviously post them for free as fun things to promote the artists and maybe myself...although there is skill in creating a mashup.

Really annoying that they sell them on iTunes and Amazon and I can't do anything since - you guessed it - I'm not the copyright holder.

Ditto with my photographs, and that's more annoying as they are 100% mine, so I tend to watermark those now...and I had a RSS button once that EVERYONE stole, which I actually didn't mind but the lazy people linked it directly, stealing my bandwidth and screwing up my stats. Back then I was more polite, since then I've invoked the 'gay porn switcheroo' strategy which stopped the likes of Cracked.com nicking my content. Naughty. Their getout clause was 'it's a user generated list'. Grr.

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Oh yes. Small talk. I hear people do that.

I'm not one of those people who claim autism spectrum, but I took one of those quizzes which apparently a friend's autistic son scored highly on, and came out borderline, as probably many geeks would. Not surprising...I can talk for England about subjects I love, but get off the weather and I'm a bit...lost.

Or go into politics or religion which is a big no-no usually!

I don't mind the beard questions because of that, it's safe territory. I do get the 'are you a homeless person?' type treatment as it's very long (longest part is 3 inches from my chin) which I hate, and the 'can I touch it?' from gangs of girls at 3am might be some blokes wet dream, but for myself it's the wrong gender!

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I've had that. Sadly a few days after the 7/7 bombing in London I had to go somewhere and took my army rucksack. With the long beard and large backpack I got all kinds of evil stares.

Which kind of annoyed me, because I'd narrowly missed being bombed myself and if anyone should be freaking out it should be me (I was working at Edgware Road that day - overslept!) but like everyone else I just got back on the trains the next day or so...And it was a bit like the profiling I got when flying, I wasn't aware terrorists had a uniform or look? I think actually they don't because that kind of misses the point? A bit hard to be a terrorist if it shouts out HEY TERRORIST HERE!

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With a long beard, I never pass for normal, LOL. I get all the questions too - how long did it take to grow it, can I touch it, etc etc. Better than my partner who gets all the 'aren't you cold' jibes and oddness as being from the South Hemisphere he of course wears shorts all the time.

I wouldn't say I usually pass for geek though, I have ironic logo T's but of the musical variety (Accordion Hero, etc which is a bit geeky game ref I guess) - I do have the odd EFF shirt, or Bubble Bobble Tshirt, but rarely wear those. Mostly political. gay or musical (punk) really. And never, ever, jewellery.

Find it interesting that there is a GeekDar, it's a version of GayDar really. It's equally fun/hard sometimes to get gay family, although quite often was seems bleeding obvious to me the straight people are like 'what? That person is queer?' and I'm like DUH. Similar function, different cues (although a love of Doctor Who and sci-fi generally scores highly on both!)

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As I posted over at FB:

I guess they don't do pantomime in America? Any kid who has seen UK TV (Lily Savage, Julian Clary or the like) or a pantomime knows what drag is! And they love it...

That musical hall/drag tradition is so ingrained it's not a surprise here. You have talk show hosts in drag, and have done for many years (Edna Everage for instance) and although we do have our 'Moral Majority' -who are actually a minority - they don't seem to get upset about drag but other things.

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Q is Queer or Questioning (it's traditionally Queer, but Questioning has kind of been added in recent times) and A is Asexual not Ally. There's sometimes an I for Intersex. TBH I tend to use LGBTQ or LGBTQ* as I think the queer spectrum includes all the others, but others will disagree...so hence the * for everyone else!

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That wasn't all they sued over, just what stuck. You're talking about the States only - Apple and Samsung (and Google for that matter) sued and countersued all over the world, including Europe. Some of the 'look and feel' patent legals did cover stuff that I'm pretty sure was prior art - 'square phone with rounded edges?', apps, touchscreen, etc. Thankfully most of these were thrown out, because they were pretty silly, apart from the US oddly. But it did mean sometimes the imports were stopped, which I'm guessing was the main reason.