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Halloween here in the UK is a recent US import, but seems to have got darker in crossing the Atlantic. Here it often seems to be a way in which teenagers scare older people who feel vulnerable in their homes, demanding treats with menaces. People don't celebrate here at all really, apart from holding ghoulish parties at the end of the half term holidays. Churches are reacting to it as kids are asking why they can't consume disgusting amounts of sweeties just like their friends. So there are Light Parties at many churches. In our church we're not organising one this year, but we're encouraging folk to give out sweeties with tracts, instead of just saying 'We don't celebrate Halloween' and turning kids away. On my blog I held a poll about what UK churches were doing this year.

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Gosh Peter, what a time you've had. Glad you're on the mend. Praying recovery is rapid & pain-free.
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