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Powerful words from someone who has actually suffered from the religion Ben seeks to protect. Thank you for sharing your story. Enjoy.

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Overlooking the fact that her physical appearance has nothing to do with this, when I factor in my age I realize that every girl her age looks attractive to me so I'm a poor judge. Plus, I heard somebody mention she had tits. I'm a big fan of those so she has my heart already. That stated, I would totally love her up for her ability to see the truth though the haze (of her medical cannabis consumption) That is truly amazing. Also, she the 911 thing down and frankly, I find that sexy enough on its own I get a tingly feeling in my nether regions every time I see Michael Moore. Enjoy.

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It's about to be "the end of the world" as the insurance companies know it and they definitely won't "feel fine". Enjoy.

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That book by Brian Jeffs. Is he any relation to the polygamist Mormon Warren Jeffs, or am I getting my Jeffs all mixed up? Religious nuts and gun nuts have Venn diagrams that overlap so completely it is easy to conflate one with the other. I'm surprised that the Baby Jeebus himself wasn't portrayed as having been birthed out the anus of an AR-15 assault rifle, such is the blood lust of the most fervent. I'm sure they'll get around to that New Testament rewrite in some future epoch, if they don't kill each other off in a group circle#shot at the "Tea Party Bundy Cookout" from disputes arising on what constitutes proper barbecue etiquette. Enjoy.

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Kansas saw this coming a long time ago. Now with added voicemail goodness. Enjoy.

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I thought there was already a Christian army over there busy snatching up condoms and working up the crowds against the gays. Why don't they do something about it? It is not a good day to be one of the girl kidnappers. Obama is gonna totally fuck up their shit. I expect Hillary will have her "Dukakis in a tank" moment about that time and we'll be able to swoop Elizabeth Warren into office like the good lord intended. Enjoy.

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Shorter: There's not enough grift to go around, so some of you are no longer welcome. Enjoy.

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The whole thing ought to play itself out one way or the other long before that. For one thing, it's gonna be hard to carry the "Jeebus is coming down on his chocolate covered chariot to save us next week" schtick that long IMHO. Also, the pace of change these days is entirely out of the scope of anything you can compare it to historically. Enjoy.

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The reason for the Venn diagram overlap on alligator/illegal drug users is due to the fact that law enforcement is loathe to perform a rectal exam on an alligator in the back of a Chevy pickup truck pulled off the side of Hwy 271 in the middle of the night and it's getting harder and harder to find good stash spots. Enjoy.