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Truth might effectively feel crappy because it makes you uncomfortable.
It contradicts your core beliefs embedded in what Kagame and his circle have been preaching for so many years to Rwandans and the rest of the world, about what really happened in 1994.

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If you knew who wrote that document and the intentions they had towards the hutu community, you would understand under which circumstances the latter have become the palestinians of the great lakes region and tutsis their peer jews.

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Very insightful as always from Milton Allimadi.

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Like in the case of Rwanda during the 90/94 period, the US government could pretend that they didn't know when their CIA Kigali desk had predicted that killing president Habyarimana would trigger massive chaos that would kill between 300,000 and 500,000. US foreign policy towards the Great Lakes region has been consistent since 1990 through working with despots and criminal leaders to defend american interests whatever the cost in terms of African lives.

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Dear David, please never insult Panafricanist Heroes Nkrumah and Lumumba by comparing them with genocidaires and authoritarian late Zenawi and Kagame. Ethiopia and Rwanda are US and or UK proxies. Our African heroes were against tribalism, and unfortunately that's what Zenawi and Kagame have been promoting. Their policies are ethnically based with a fundamental purpose fo excluding other communities. They run aparheid-like segregations in their respective countries, but officially claim there isn't discrimination of any sort. They can fool foreigners on the subject but not their citizens.

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Mekdes. No wonder the article covers Ethiopia and Rwanda because of their similarities in oppressing their own people. I am surprised to learn from you that the parliament seats that the ruling party didn't get went to parties friendly to EPRDF. I would guess too that these parties never present a presidential candidade for election. How can you fight for political change when you adopt and conform to policies of the party you pretend to challenge? The situation is the same in Rwanda where RPF of Kagame has coopted satellite political parties which never oppose it on any issue. For that reason I think it is fair to say that when these fake parties vote, they are the same people as the representatives of ruling parties but with only different names. EPRDF or RPF fool only those who want to be fooled; the reality is that they are completely authoritarian and dictatorial in their political actions and others.

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Dear Alem, it is important that people like Ann take a stand for human rights in places like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan, etc. Despite her contribution, concerned people are the only ones to end the plight they experience. Without that, Ann cannot do much.

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In 1994, RPF didn't want no one to intervene, because if they did, it wouldn't have taken power by force. You need to wake up and face up to the facts. RPF threatened everyone who would intervene that they would shoot them. Dusaidi and Gahima wrote on behalf of RPF telling the UNSC that there was no need to intervene, because it would've jeopardised RPF plans. They went to NEW YORK at the office of UNSCI with that message and convinved its members. I don't how old you are but the fact is that RPF has been fooling the younger generation of Rwandans that the world failed to intervene when it is RPF which stopped other countries from intervening. That's machiavelic to see a government pretending that probably your parents and ours were killed by somebody else when it is the first responsible of their death because they didn't want people being saved.

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Having Kagame in office after 2017 is a very big deal for the majority of Rwandans. Maybe you are among the 1% benefiting from the RPF system but the rest if they are not dying from hunger, unemployment, being killed, imprisoned or disappearing, not accessing education or health, they are walking dead. I however do agree with you that it's up to Rwandans to change whatever needs changing.

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Jameskisombe If you cannot grasp that kayumba, fdlr or himbara are one similar side of the struggle against kagame there is no much to say about your understanding of issues. Furthermore if you don't have no moral to stand for, you should not blame ann garrison who is a fervent advocate of human rights. Therefore you should not be surprised seeing her always after kagame, because as many including philip reitjens, have said, he is the most criminal individual in office today.