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YES! Thank you! I was hoping you'd find a way to compromise, since both those options sounded awesome! I can't wait to see your menus and try them for myself! :D

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My friends and I would be all over a spread for True Blood! Unfortunately, no one I know this year has HBO, so we'll have to watch it some other way, but yes! Please! True Blood!

And if not that, my second choice would be Harry Potter. The books defined my childhood (I am now a young adult), and though I haven't been as big a fans of the movies, it would be nice to have a Harry Potter party to celebrate the last film.

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This might sound silly, but when I had a job (I had to give it up recently due to my student teaching), I had a Friday 5pm-9pm shift I had to do, and since I didn't have much time beforehand, around 4:20 I made mashed potatoes, and then I'd proceed to eat them while standing in my kitchen, the bowl cradled in my arm.

So yeah, either mashed potatoes or really simple quesadillas.

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I've been dying to have a mixer for the longest time. Every time I pass those KitchenAid mixers in the store, my heart aches because I think I will have to wait a very long time before I can buy one. So if I won, I definitely would go for this: And I would make lots and lots of goodies for my friends and family to celebrate my obtaining of said mixer.

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If I win, the first thing I’m going to do is… divide the stash - some of it is going to go home to my mom, and the rest will delight the stomachs of me and my friends. I shall give none to the roommates. Or, well, maybe one roommate. But the others don't deserve this goodness. They won't appreciate it as much.

I know. I'm horrible.

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Wow! This is so easy, I think I can finally make risotto with a college student's budget of money and time!

As for my kitchen shortcut, I find canned beans to be a blessing, whether for soup or for homemade tacos. I like that I don't have to use so much prep time to make something delicious.

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I too would go for the waffle maker. Just so I could make those waffles. I would make waffles all the time with a beautiful piece of equipment like that!

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That looks amazing! As soon as the page loaded, my mouth started watering. Curse my status as a poor college student with a crappy kitchen...

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I feel guilty to say that I have been watching Teen Mom. It's actually on my television right now. Good thing no one else is home. Although they already know I've watched Sixteen and Pregnant before, since I wrote a fifteen-page English paper on it...

But usually I watch better television, like Mad Men. I <3 Jon Hamm. I saw the trailer for The Town yesterday when I went to see Inception, and I couldn't think of anything else but him before the movie started.

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It seems like destiny that I started reading this blog, and that just got into Mad Men and watched all the seasons. I need to make this menu! It looks so if only I had the chance to throw a Mad Men party and wasn't a poor college student. :) Thanks so much for sharing!