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Khadr's case forced Harper and his thugs to revel their racist and chauvinistic positions in regard to other "canadians".
Brenda Martin was convicted drug smuggler and the anglo establishment didn't rest till they obtained her release from Mexico.
Convicted criminal Conrad Black was allowed to fly into Canada on private jet even though he renounced Canadian citizenship.
PE Trudeau's death was the death of Canada as well, they have gone back to their colonial roots.

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Ecuador embassy wasn't attacked, on the other hand, Ecuador is leader of the FREE World.

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God Bless Mr.Putin and all who for stand against Alliance of Terror.

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It takes a Western bigot, racist and neo-Nazi not to understand Chinese, Vietnamese, Cuban, Palestinian, Serbian, Russian, Lybian and the rest of Mankind to live in Freedom and Liberty from occupations and terror by the so-called civilized World aka Axis of Terror led by the USA, UK+colonies, and Satraps.

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Propaganda Ministries of the Axis of Terror will write "history" for all to know.

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House of Saud is Israel's Satrap in Chief in the ME.

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Anglo-Americans should have built up immunity to embarrassment by now, considering atrocities they committed in the last few centuries and are committing today and every day.

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Iraqi and American defenders of freedom and liberty look and employ very similar tactics to defend their citizens.

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The Brits are nothing more than stiff loud mouths. Their time is long past gone but they just can't accept it.
Perhaps that is the reason why they broke up up your former country, killed your former President and had the collaborationist authorities in Serbia bury him under the tree like a dog?

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Authorities couldn't care less about the "lawS" which are made by them to benefit them and the ruling elites.
By terrorizing 71 years young Patriot and Hero they scared the living daylights and silenced millions of Americans who share Mr. McGovern's views. Mission Accomplished as the former Terrorist in Chief would say.