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Oneida County HAD a humane officer without benefits or retirement at one time for half the pay an investigator at the sheriffs department made, but they couldn't afford that position.
The sheriffs department is understaffed, has too few investigators now to adequately cover the criminal events in the county that happen to people and property let alone animals.

Why not have each town and village pay a small fee into a yearly stipend to keep a humane office in call through the sheriffs department instead of pushing such a position as an investigator in the sheriffs department? This county is understaffed to begin with and does a good deal of work that is never publicized. Now this idea of an investigator being used full time and taken from criminal cases involving people and property sounds good to others? Where are your priorities?

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I appreciate the efforts of the Sheriff standing up for the constitutional rights of the people of the County. This is why he was elected. These laws were enacted FAR too fast and are unreasonable restrictions on citizens, they will do NOTHING to deter crime, only prevent people from defending themselves.

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Get rid of this Governor to start with - his taxing policies and regulations are driving people out of the state along with business - The policy changes HAVE to start with him. Impeach Andrew Cuomo!

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phenomenal ... great video

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He was raised a Muslim practicing their strictest form of prayers etc. he was a model student of the Quran - Leaving Islam is punishable by death .. I see he is still around making denouncements that we are not a Christian nation though ...

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Today the headlines are coming out defending the modern day brat. The white house after a week of being beaten over the head is saying she was visiting a friend who's father passed away and this was all about tea and sympathy. Again stating that this came off the Obama's dime .. failing to accurately report that they don't pay for Air Force two, the fighter escorts, secret service, vehicles, gas etc etc etc etc etc. Which ends up costing somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million dollars.
Yeah they may pay for their own rooms, but that is small potatoes compared to the security measures that have to be employed.
However in reference to your well written article I would remind you that he extravagant taste also runs to some three thousand dollar boots etc. and her sense of fashion is high on our dime, whereas when laura Bush bought new dinner ware for the White House the media went NUTS. But this is something we have seen before in history and it is repeating itself.

Can anyone else remember Imelda Marcos??????

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Nice job by the OCDETF

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The real problem here is that Rangel should be put in jail and the media is softening the blow for him to be slapped on the hand. If he were any other American taking bribes and evading taxes as he had been, the least of his problems would be having a school name something after him and using official letter head to support it.
Why is congress not held accountable for their crimes?
We have tuned into some wayback time machine where the royals are once again above our laws.

What happened to For the people, by the people and OF the people?

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Someone just commented to me that Newt was fear mongering over the Mosque. It shows the ignorance of the liberals when they attack politicians with a sound message. Only a few politicians are brave enough to come out against the take over of Islam and these idiot liberals are honing in on them like the useful idiots that they are.

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What you say is true, but then again, after talking with 10 year olds in classes and talking with Liberals .. most 10 year olds have more common sense than Liberals and realize when they are being BS'ed by a politician more often as well.

We may be better off letting the 10 year olds vote if they replaced the liberals!