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You're right, Vanny. Aliens don't exist.

Why are these guys reptilian?? Damn it, where are the ones with fur and a tail and... mammals, please.

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I have never, and would never, abduct a human being. I think it should be called kidnapping, and I believe kidnapping is against the law.

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This is Thekherham:
Momo: Just because I have fur doesn't mean I'm a 'furry', i.e. if you're referring to those people who dress up in fursuits. I don't. We have fur because we come from a cold planet. Don't make assumptions.
opposite of: Yes, the male and female Tereskadians (which is what my species is called, since we are from the planet Tereskadhar), and the male and female whistling dragons produce milk.

Getting rather complicated. Maybe you should read my autobiography. I'm still in the process of working on it, so it'll be sometime before it is complete.

Alien myths:
We do not say, "Greetings, Earthling, take me to your leader."
We do not want to mate with your females.
We do not want to invade/conquer your planet.

(I'm having a lot of fun with this silly thing. But the part about me writing my (ahem) autobiography is true, though)