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Let me add to these comments by reminding all that the States are in competition with each other... just as the local areas in a State compete with each other. If people are not happy in one area, they will move to another; if they are not happy in one State, they will move to another.

This competition is what will make or break any area. And, as we all know, as crime increases in those areas with strict gun laws that forbid the people the defense that firearms gives them - people will leave those areas and seek out a place that allows them their freedom of choice in the matter... taking with them their business and/or skills. This movement of people has an effect on all aspects of life in any area, such as limiting the pool of prospective employees for businesses and so on.

It may eventually dawn on those legislative bodies that what they have done was detrimental ... but in a city the size of Chicago - it would take a very long time for any effect (other than an increase in crime) to be realized.

What really stuns me is that Chicago did not learn the lesson that Morton Grove, Illinois taught them with its gun ban. Crime soared, especially home burglaries. But then ... maybe that is what they are hoping for??