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So you're saying that if you have asthma, and have an asthma attack, it's normal (or at least not abnormal) for your sats to be totally normal or very near normal? All my doctors seem to be trying to tell me that if my O2 level is at 99 or 100%, that there's absolutely no way I can have asthma, no matter how tight and short of breath I am. (ok, I guess I should add that for them 99-100% O2 sat + no wheeze = no asthma, but the no wheezing is another topic I guess)

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Hmm..... this is sounding interesting... :) I'd be up for joining you guys, except it'll take a lot of convincing my mom that I can do a 1/2 marathon. The 5K last month, though I don't regret doing it, (and am hooked) set my lungs off for a not so lovely (and long) flare and bronchitis (lesson learned: don't exercise when you're getting over a sinus infection, even if your doc said you could if you were feeling better). ;)

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WOOT!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!

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Wow, I didn't know that, but it doesn't surprise me. Thanks for the lesson!
Lol, yes, I'm still shocked at all the stuff they put in foods now days. I guess that in this view, food allergies aren't the worst things as because of them there's a lot of stuff I don't/can't eat, so even though it seems like I can't eat that many things, I think I probably eat healthier than most people.

If you want a cold healthy treat, I suggest making watermelon popsicles: take a slice of watermelon and cut it into wedges, stick a popsicle stick in it, wrap in something (to keep it from sticking to stuff in the freezer) and freeze. It makes for healthy popsicles that are super easy to make, no additives, and taste awesome (don't just take my word for it).

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All I can say are wow, cool, and I totally love RTs and think they have a pretty cool job (even if not all RTs love their job).

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Wow, that's totally cool! I love the view you'll get (as per the picture sample above). I had the chance to go skiing in the Colorado Rockies a few years ago.... the sights were AMAZING and is what makes me want to go back more than the fun I had skiing. Have a blast!

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Yay for being out of there for 104 days!

Being a sign language student in college, I find myself naturally starting to sign when my breathing goes downhill, and especially when people don't understand what I say, especially if I'm in the ER, barely able to whisper. However, so far, I've not run across any doctors that know ASL, only professors at school, and fellow students within my major... and Deaf people. So since I'm not Deaf, I don't know if they'd get an interpreter for me if I ever ended up in the hospital on bipap or a ventilator... have you ever heard of this happening instead of using pencil and paper?

The last time I was in the ER, I grabbed my ipod and headphones(thanks to Kerri), which were a blessing to have while I was there... the RT and doctors said I was the most prepared person in the ER they've ever seen, and I only really had inhaler and aerochamber, ipod, headphones, and ID(my friend happened to have a book to keep her busy). And, because I've been to one hospital's ER more than once at school, I have a "fast pass", and a lot of my health info is stored in that hospital's system there, it makes for a LOT less talking on my part, and way faster check-in.