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I'm going to make an assumption here and please correct me if I'm wrong about it, but I'm guessing you're a homosexual. That's only relevant because I couldn't think of a more general way to phrase this:

You're assuming that they don't consider you human because you're gay, or rather that anyone who doesn't support gay marriage sees homosexual people as sub-human, and that's just not true. Yes, there are people in the world who loudly proclaim that kind of nonsense, but they aren't everyone, and just because someone may have the same stance on one issue doesn't mean they agree with *everything* the worst examples say.

Alternately, insert whatever issue you're passionate about into this statement.

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I'm not saying to be quiet about your beliefs. I'm saying maybe we should stop making people into complete monsters in our own minds (I've been guilty of it myself, though I try not to these days) because they don't agree with our opinions and beliefs.

To me, that kind of thinking leads to holy wars and persecution on both sides.

Make your (collective) voice heard, just remember that guy on the other side of the argument isn't an all around horrible person just for not agreeing with you, is what I'm saying.

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A little off topic here, so forgive me for that, but this needs said, I think.

Some of the commentary and some of Joel's amazement at the civility of the commentary makes me think that maybe, just maybe, we as a society need to take a closer look at how we see other people.

A lot of times I see people from differing viewpoints whether it be on gay/marriage rights, guns, abortion, whatever, automatically classifying those on the opposite side of the debate as horrible people.

Well, maybe that person who doesn't believe in abortion helps little old ladies across the street, hits every single red cross blood drive, donates bone marrow to kids with leukemia and rescues starving puppies.

Or maybe that anti-gun person volunteers at the nursing home reading to blind, lonely old people, goes to national and state parks for the weekend not to camp but to work at maintaining trails and cleaning up trash in the backcountry, gives money to the Boy and Girl Scouts and supports FFA and 4H.

One choice or stance that disagrees with your own does not instantly transform another person into a puppy kicking axe murderer, and yet so often I see surprise when that fact is demonstrated.

Go see the movie, don't go see the movie, it's your choice, and if you decide to go despite your opinion of Card, then fine. If you decide to go even though you think it's not a very "Good person" thing to do, well, own that, and do some self assessment about your beliefs.

If you decide to go because it looks to be a nifty high budget sci-fi film and you like those, and could care less about any of the politics, awesome.

And if you decide not to go because you think Card is awful and you refuse to give him your money, again, awesome.

Hurray for a free society. Now if we can just learn to be a little bit less blind in our disagreements....