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Awww congrats on your baby girl! I'm sure you'll have her carrying around a mini makeup kit in no time lol. I love your gender cake idea....very cute, but I'm with David's mom, my greedy butt would've just thought it was strawberry too lol. Congrats again!

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Wow. Well first let me say thank you for being so open and honest with your readers about this very private and emotional matter going on in your life. Most people wouldn't have the courage to share something so deep.

I'm sure you've heard "sorry" many times during this process so I won't be repetitive. What I will say is you are not a fraud. Even though the man who gave you your name, the man whose name you carry is not your biological father, that doesn't make you or your name a fraud. Even if he was your biological dad, he wasn't there to mold and shape you into the woman you are did. He didn't make the name you carry, the name people recognize, the name people ask did. Neither of your parents did (according to your story). Parents can only lay claim to the name that they helped nurture and create, they did no such thing, matter of fact it was their lack of the former that helped guide you into becoming bigger and better than what they showed you throughout your life.

You and your name are examples of what a person can be despite the odds. An inspiration to someone feeling and living just like you, they see hope and light at the end of the tunnel when they see you and read your name.... and that's no fraud, that's very real.

Again, thanks for sharing...prayers & blessings your way.

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Looking good girlie! And I love the zebra print bikini!!! Those lifeguards and pool boys better watch out!! Lol

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Thanks Kim!!! :-)