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how do you make your ice cream look so pretty?! i still have yet to take a decent picture of any of the ice cream ive made myself!

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heath and coconut might just be my two favorite ingredients and i would never have thought of putting them together in a cookie. this looks too good!

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this is soo my go to place for bbq & we go here way too often!! the lines are kinda out of control but i could seriously eat the food every day!

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i soo do not get people who don't have a sweet tooth, but im glad you're converting him one dessert at a time :) these look perfect for the botanical garden concerts!! we're thinking of going tonight too!

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how fun!!! im still obsessed with all things hawaiian--anything that can get me back there makes me happy :)

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i've tried several versions of cheesy stuffed dates & i think the blue cheese ones are my favorite!! these are one of the most delicious appetizers ever!

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i love simple recipes like this--especially ones that use local farm fresh eggs (kindof an obsession of mine!) Does your friend sell hers at any of the farmers markets?

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my mom makes great stuffed mushrooms but your bacon & spicy variety sounds even better!!

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that marinade does look great!! im a total wimp when it comes to the grill--maybe this summer i'll do something about that!!

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haha too funny! i think what's worst for my bf is the watching and waiting of our delicious and just prepared food as I snap pics for about 5 minutes.

and this does look like some fancy chicken--im impressed by just how much stuffing you were able to get in there!