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Interesting article. I have two articles that may be of relevance to your readers.

1) Every year, I read about the high school vs. AAU argument. It's not that one or the other is better, but together there is a problem, as Sherri Coale says:

2) In terms of development, despite what the coaches may say, the current set up is not created to maximize a player's development. Last year, I compared the development of a player playing for the u18 team of a professional club in Europe with that of AAU/club basketball in the U.S. and high school basketball:

While the number of hours dedicated to basketball do not differ greatly, the emphasis does. The higher practice to game ratio in Spain favors more development and more balance in development.

The big problem right now in the U.S. is that when a club coach feels that his or her players need a break, the players go to a high school practice or a private skill trainer. The players go and go until their body breaks down, which you see through poor performance or injury.