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With the ED/USAID 'spooks' working in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela for 'regime change' it is no wonder the US has little following in Latina America anymore.

Papa Hugo opened up the Banco Del Sur and took the IMF/World Bank gangsters out of the 'rape' business and now the US hasn't much influence to tell the people down there nothing about anything anymore.

Let's hope the elections tomorrow in Venezuela do not end
up in an exchancge of bullets and riots 'funded' by the US/CIA NED/USAID gangsters.

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UNITED SNAKES (US/Israel/NATO) WAR CRIMES are rarely investigated like Muslin 'terrorist' attacks.

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You 4get the Rothechilds own America.
Actually, Jews believe only 'gentiles' go to hell and that Jewish thievery 'only' brings 'fines' (a % of the 'take') and as we see, they never get jail time - Except for Bernie Mad(e)off who stole form the Jews..

I guess at age 75, I have to accept it from what I see happening in 'hostage' AmeriKKKa.

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As the UNITED SNAKES (US/NATO) 'free-fall' deeper into the sewer of imperialist immorality in their over-throwing of the democratically elected pro-Russian government of Ukraine; (with the help of the US/CIA N.E.D. 'spooks' - at a cost of $5b, this also being paid by the US Tax-payer - plus some 5,000 of Erik Princes' infamous Blackwater/Xe mercenary 'thugs' @ another monthly cost of $10m, this also being paid by the US Taxpayer), the more convinced the world becomes that these reichwing nuts need a vicious loosening of a few molars and incissors in their lying liar mouths by Papa Purin who has 'every right' to be upset. I mean, if Putin had done this in Lithuania or Poland, what would the US/NATO regurgitated colonist scumbags have said 'and/or' done?'.

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UR software's inefficiencies (((screwed))) a great post Bubba's!

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Hahahahaha, great post, kudos, Mr. Randy-Tee!

Shall we settle for 'KEY STONE KOPS' (or)
Alice-in-Wonderland's, 'MAD HATTERS?'


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Unable to get their way in Syria (Russian/Chinese vetos) by obtaining their 'suggested' Libyan 'style' UN 'No Fly Zone' that would have opened the way for the West to attack and destroy Syria's air force and their Russian supplied sophisticated anti-aircraft missile defenses.

Meanwhile, the UNITED SNAKES (US/Israel/NATO) continue their war criminal activites in Syria (Some 200,000 Syrian civilians having been murdered and 2.8m becoming refugees in the surrounding countries as they flee their homes in Syria because of the West's aggression and now inLibya the West is wanting to expand their 'aggression' to that of attacking ships in Libya's Gulf of Sidra. Libya, a 'victim' nation turned into a 'free fire zone' (to help promote Jewish terrorism and US Middle Eastern imperialism - and to prevent the Libyan 'gold Dinar' Qaddaffi was about to release to replace (destroy) the devalued US 'petro-dollar' with a $12b cash reserve influx he had established (stolen by the the US/NATO gangsters, after Qadaffi was violently murdered) without having committed 'any' wrong doing' against the US/NATO 'mafia' - very much like Iraq was destroyed, as Syria heads in that direction because of the UNITED SNAKES continued support and arming of their so-called 'Rebel's' being trained in the Jordan/Amman 'terrorist camps' being manned by US/Israel war criminal 'trainers' in violation of Jordans 'soverignty' by these 'ah-so democratic' regional thugs and murderers.

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I see - said the blind man.

Come back, with your guide dog, to opine when you can see the forest 'Smokey' the March of Dimes bear with the white cane..

One is assured you have never been in the middle of the Knesset hyena's while debating the next Palestinian pogrom or land siezure, huh?

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Yup, young Jews in the Southwest (Tombstone) are beginning to do Alyiah in Can-Cun, Jajajaja.

As they see the young 'Lone Soldiers' punks going to the Middle East to murder Palestinian babies and their mothers in the name of ZioNazism and then returning with 'Hamas' bandaids to the spot where their 'tail feathers' used to be, and stamps on their passports, showing they took the 'long way' home hoping to get back with tail feathers showing - much as young Muslims voyage to Lebanon and Morrocco to get to Northern Iraq to join ASIS