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Love the bizzare, strange, mysterious, eerie, etc., lists! I live not too far from Leap Castle. I have only seen it from the outside, though. But I have seen & heard the owner, Sean Ryan play tin whistle! He and his daughter opened for Arlo Guthrie here, not too long ago.

Anyway, love this list!

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TyB, what an interesting and great read! Although I thought I knew a fair amount about animals, this list gave me an eudcation. [and nightmares :)] Bravo!

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I almost didn't bother with this list when I saw Jane Fonda as No. 10. I should have gone with my instinct. NOT a fan of this list at all!

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I work with severely disabled children. We clean out feeding tubes with coke. Takes the caked -on dried feed right off the inside of the tubes. That's some strong shit. Yet, I still drink it :)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Go Listverse! Go Wordpress!!! Rah! Rah! Rah!

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fazrin- here is a link to a NYTimes article- this just encompasses the US, but just google 'number of people killed by cows' and you will see that 100 is a conservative number!

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Re: No. 3- I moved out into the country 8 years ago and have been astonished at how many people around here that have been severely injured, paralyzed, and yes, killed by cows. There is a large herd behind my house and whenever I go out my back door, there they are, staring over the hedge at me- cue theme from ''Jaws"