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I think Mr. Riech is a bit premature to declare a double dip, but the lack of job growth, and more importantly the rising number of discouraged and uncounted unemployed is troubling. Having been laid off 3 times in the last 24 months I am a living example of a person who keeps trying to get ahead only to be knocked down again by the failure of and reduction in force of business I am employed in. Its rather frustrating.

I do agree we need competent leadership to get America out of its 2010 version of "Malaise". Economies are as much about confidence as they are about cold hard facts and people lose confidence when they see what is going on around them (war, job loss, environmental disaster) without anyone giving them hope.

Regarless, people like me remain undaunted even in these tough times. I refuse to become a victim of news reports and fall into depression. In the end a positive attitude and confidence in the future, despite everything that is going on will put me and others far ahead when the economy can, and WILL recover.