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though my own probably won't be happenin' for a looong time, i love reading about DIY wedding projects and thinking of all the things i might like to make one day. yours are absolutely gorgeous. can't wait to see more!

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...eat cottage cheese. or melon of any sort. yuck!

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my brother-in-law worked with a gal who repeatedly used phrases that she couldn't get quite right, and would tell us stories all the time about her latest mix-up's. 'hold down the fork' and 'for all intensive purposes' are just a couple. :)
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i love the idea of having flowers in cute little jars and vases. can't wait to see more pictures from your big day!

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AHHHH! i'm so excited. :O
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very much so. i'm a born extrovert, and flapping my jaws - along with listening to the noise of others', or simply the world around me - is hard to get away from.

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i'd miss the friendships i've cultivated with people through those mans, and i'd miss knowing the details about their day that i'm accustomed to seeing. i'd also miss getting a good laugh from others' updates and witty comments. :)

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i asked Jesus to save me at the age of 10, and was baptized the same year. i feel (though i didn't fully understand then that salvation is also a journey) that i knew exactly what decision i was making and the implications that it would have from that point forward. even at that tender age, i knew what baptism signified and what it didn't, and was able to make the choice for myself.
that said, i've met individuals in their late 20's who were set to be baptized and didn't seem to even fully grasp why! i believe age and maturity are two separate concepts in many ways. one doesn't necessarily reflect the other, so baptism is most certainly a case-by-case event. i think each person, no matter what their age, should sit down with someone in leadership to get to the root of what baptism means before stepping into the water!

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beautiful. thank you, thank you for being honest & raw about your journey so far. as i'm gearing up to graduate college next may & am evaluating where i am as opposed to where i expected/wanted to be, i will keep these words close by to remind me to be grateful for my "instead". :)
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it should certainly concern us, because this is a question i'm asked time and again by unbelievers, students in my ministry, and new christians. the water illustration is one i grew up hearing, and it surprisingly made the most sense to me at the time!
in a christian doctrines course last semester, we discussed some of these and other analogies when we arrived at pneumatology. one i hadn't been introduced to before was the trinity as an apple, which was in this children's book:http://www.amazon.com/3-1-Picture-Joanne-Marxhaus...
interesting stuff, huh?