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sounds wonderful; I have made ice-cream with concentrated milk before, but not evaporated milk. I love nutella and so does my daughter, even if it is a tad sweet after a while!

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Fun! I'd love to make it to Croatia soon (my grandmother's origin) and dance on an impromptu cue like this!

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Love these mini-cakes and need to get a hold of yuzu soon! Very tempting!

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Yuzu is quite popular in France and I have seen it a lot on French sites; glad to know where I can source it. This dish is perfect and extremely flavorful.

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Look really good!

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I share your philosophy in the kitchen, in that I like to use up anything I have, and hate to waste! I had clipped a recipe for a Florida orange cake using whole oranges (rind and all) that are ground up in the blender and was supposed to be lowfat; the recipe stayed in my binder for decades; every year, I tell myself I need to test it; well, I think your orange cake finally convinced me I need to try it! Looks so moist and full of fruity and tangy flavor.
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The bean dishes and the tradition of eating legumes is very similar to Lebanon where people were poor (still are) and survived on simple fare and legumes; also had shared the Ottoman rule for four centuries; so I find these dishes comforting and familiar.
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I think that fish is where it is possible to really unleash one's creativity and well done here as was demonstrated by the participants; every single one of these entries looks smashing and delightful.

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Excellent post; I am so impressed with Japanese pastry chefs and their mastery of French techniques and creativity; a Twix bar is not even in the realm of possibilities anymore. too sweet nauseatingly so

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This is a wonderful dish, full of exciting flavors and for a cook, new ideas; love the bananas in tempura and the fish sauce.