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You should remedy that at the earliest opportunity. Seriously.

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I was a Mormon, until I discovered coffee, booze, and sex!

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Well, I'm glad that you're taking your work in a new direction! Not that I had any problems whatsoever with the previous directions the comic was moving in; far from it! I just hate to see an EXCELLENT comic get bogged down and static, never changing, never improving. I like to see art and content that evolves over time; If most of the many webcomics I read never changed/evolved from the way they were at the beginning, I would probably stop reading them. I LOVE watching the art & writing improve over time; to me, it proves that the creators give a shit about their creation!

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You could always divide the archives up into "Phases," and then of course sub-divide chronologically, so people won't be forced to always start at the beginning of Phase "X."

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My father's attempts at heterosexuality came about in the early 70's, not long after Stonewall. He grew up in a rural part of California (Humboldt & Trinity Counties), and at the time, hated what he was. He mostly hated it because he was AFRAID: Afraid of what would happen when his family & friends found out. Afraid of what would happen when/if the community/world found out. He was literally afraid for his LIFE...

Even in the early 90's, right before he died, he was very adamant in hoping that I was straight, because he didn't want me to go through what he went through. I never told him that I was bisexual, because I didn't want him to worry about me. Now, I wish that I'd told him... Of course, I wish he was still around; he died from AIDS in 1991.

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Thanks, Joel. I was about to go off on this person. My father was TERRIFIED of me being gay. Not because he was homophobic; far from it. He was terrified because of what HE went through, being a gay teen in the late 60's-early 70's, and being a gay man every year since. He died in 1991, before a lot of the cultural progress towards being more accepting/welcoming of the LGBT community. As a result, I was never able to be honest with him about my bisexuality.

Stradling's whole attitude about the problems of the LGBT community being "trivial" REEEEALY pissed me off. While I'll admit that we were never enslaved like black people were, we've had more than our share of beatings/maimings/deaths because of who and what we are, and for the most part, have NOT been protected by law at the Federal level.

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Your mommy told you you were special, didn't she? No such thing as "gay" people? So, that means my dad didn't exist? He had sex with a woman exactly TWICE in his life, when he was trying to be NOT gay; I was the result. There's nothing taken out of context regarding OSC's views on homosexuality; he's pretty blatantly, virulently homophobic, to the point that, in one of his essays/blog posts, was threatening ARMED INSURRECTION if the government DARED to legalize "The GAY." This wasn't taken "out of context" to make him look bad. I'm feeling too lazy to dig around for the links (also, going through his dialog of hate makes me feel like I'm coated in filth), so either someone else can post them, or you can go look for yourself. Given the size of the shit-storm he's stirred up recently with Ender's Game and the aborted Superman run, it shouldn't be too hard for you to find. /rant

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THANK YOU! Sorry, but the whole "pro-gay people are bigots too" thing was pissing me off.