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Oh, dear dear Brocante Home. How generous of you to share some of your favorite bloggy treats with us. Yours is the first blog I ever officially "followed." Once I discovered it, I spent days, probably weeks, going backwards and reading every thing you've ever written.

Now, that sounds a little creepy creep, doesn't it?

Well, I didn't mean it to be so. I just wanted to say I'm so glad your loveliness is out in the world.

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I see what Alison means. I do feel like there are so many good things out there... what if you spend your evening rewatching "The Holiday" playing for the millionth time on TBS because it's always so charming, and miss out on watching your latest new favorite, Woman of the Year, that you somehow have missed?

But... I do give myself permission on sort of a "formula" basis. When I travel, I bring familiar books and movies along. The theory behind this is new place, familiar old friends in stories. But when I'm cosy in my home, I try to see all the new things I can.

I hope we're allowed to read in heaven, because I suspect I still won't make it through all on my list in my lifetime.

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My gracious... I've never noticed how much he looks like you! That last picture is so cute!