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I would really love if the world worked that way - that a flat tax rate would work. In a lot of ways, it doesn't.

I didn't like his initial comments and I think he is right; they were insensitive. I am glad he had the sense to apologize, and it's not that he should have - it's that it is the best thing for his image. I think it was the more humanistic thing to do.

It isn't that I don't respect success or hard work, but I do think that athletes and their high salaries are some rather unique and complicated cases which warrant a little sensitivity. Yes, we have demand for such entertainment, however it's my opinion that this 'demand' is lessening and athletes will start to see declining paychecks. It's tougher and tougher for sports leagues to make agreements (NBA, NHL for example) with their players and some teams (hey, the Chargers!) are having problems with ticket sales. The drops in salary will become more apparent in coming years as long as the economy continues to repair itself, which means people are spending their money on bills and necessities.

I've lived in Sweden and the demand for sports entertainment is high, but their society is one in which athletes don't earn that kind of money. It may never be that way. There are still very wealthy athletes there and their culture is a little more balanced by it. I wouldn't mind a more balanced attitude towards paying athletes millions, either.

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Just how did the BPD hire these guys? Is it that they're arrogant, or is it that they're just plain stupid? (Personally, I think it's a little bit of both.)

How embarrassing, BPD.

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They took what they could get back from Curnow and sent it to CSU for examination.

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You're right, it isn't just a police officer thing. However, in this context, we're talking about police officers.

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I'm not disagreeing, but it doesn't help even your point if he is misidentified.

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As important as I think it is to understand Boulder if one serves Boulder, I don't agree with this - not that she's wrong, but because I think it's unreasonable. We shouldn't be letting these half-baked ideas get in the way of more important issues: leadership. This culture of poor judgement and bad decisions starts at the top, if you ask me.

The people who can afford to live in Boulder and aren't young, single, or unattached aren't working as police officers. The income of a police officer simply doesn't support a family in Boulder and it's not just a Boulder thing; I'm sure you could look at other wealthy communities throughout the country and see the same issue.

Asking the Chief of Police to live in Boulder isn't unreasonable, however. If changing the culture of the BPD is something we aim to do, then starting with leadership is very important.

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Are you referring to the second officer in the photo? That's not Curnow. That's Jeff George, the deputy also on the scene.

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I think that's the Sheriff's Deputy - the one who received messages on his personal cell phone from the two BPD - and I do believe they have investigated his presence there.

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No, it's not, but I'm pretty sure it was harder to find the domain registration information than just googling. They probably found his construction business information and searched from there.

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It's unfortunate we don't give human suffering the same consideration, but it does concern me that these cops are participating in such misconduct. That's pretty worrying, no matter what they're lying about.