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Thanks for the link love Jade! Congratulations on the baby, when are you due?

This is a great post, so honest and heartfelt. It captures what so many young women are feeling and experiencing. You're doing a real service in sharing your story.

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I will agree that some women who lose respect for a man due to his promiscuity will go ahead and have sex with him anyway if he should happen to single them out with his favors. I don't think this indicates a swing of the majority - I just think it's interesting, a trend worth watching.

I have personally witnessed women steer clear of such men. It's not accidental that women now talk about man sluts, man whores, etc. They also call promiscuous men "dirty." This is very common - everyday speech on college campuses. These men are not going to start being ignored suddenly - but I do think that the divide will increase. Promiscuous men and women will seek each other out, and less promiscuous women will seek less promiscuous men.

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The point is that some women have already changed their behavior. Not enough to dry up your supply of poon, but enough to keep themselves out of harm's way and available for a more worthy LTR prospect.

Top girls don't want to keep players around. Those would be the bottom feeders - women with a high number of sexual partners themselves. When a man is contemplating marriage who is a top girl? Your own posts make it clear that you would never choose a woman who has had a large number of partners. You've basically said that you don't want to be part of any club that would have you as a member (no pun intended).

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Duly noted. In this context:

Men who are sought after by many other females = Men who are highly sexually experienced.

As stormraven pointed out in the last comment thread, men are sex positive by nature and have been observed turning down offers of sex on only rare occasions. One might be more likely to see a brontosaurus crossing the street.

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This conversation has inspired my newest post - on man sluts. Check it out!

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Again, you are being ridiculous! Why accuse Athlone of being picky? He was recruited to play football at a fine college. His friends are his teammates. That's natural enough. He is Jamaican, already dealing with a new culture. Why on earth would you suggest that he go in search of yet another culture where he wouldn't fit in and feel comfortable?

If Athlone showed up at any of those clubs he would not be welcome. Clubs that focus on race or culture do so precisely so that people can separate themselves and associate with their own kind. Honestly, this is pure nonsense.

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Athlone is not drinking the Kool Aid of sex-positive feminists. Men are sex positive by nature, LOL. The whole point of sex-pos feminism is having sex like men. So that doesn't really make sense.

When I said that spf gets 9% of the takers, I mean women who would identify with the label. The media attention is a big problem because it redefines the norm in our culture. It is now "normal" to drink 15 shots on a night out and go home with a random partner. Most (75%) college students will have this experience. And they can find plenty of reinforcement in the popular culture. The "anything goes" attitude grew out of the Sexual Revolution, and there's no putting the genie back in the bottle.

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Well, I am that parent. My daughter has always come to me for information and advice, knowing that I would not reject her and that I was willing to discuss anything at all. The unconditional love and acceptance is for the child, not the behavior. She knows that even when she makes a poor choice she can process that with me and still get a hug. As a result, she has made very few poor choices.

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Hmmm, I'm not sure. I think one factor is that men are more comfortable in confrontation - they're happy to duke it out without a lot of hard feelings either way. Women are far more emotional, and we take things personally. I know I have tossed and turned in the middle of the night about insults I've received online. I doubt many men have had that experience.

Or perhaps it reflects some awareness of the weakness of the argument? IDK, so much of feminism depends on portraying men as the opposition. I haven't spent much time commenting on MRA sites, and when I have it's been with an open mind, so I've not encountered too much hostility. In truth, though, I was deeply mistrusted at the beginning. I received some very threatening emails that I found frightening. I don't think men censor as much, but they are perhaps equally as aggressive and argumentative, or perhaps even moreso.

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VJ, I just looked at that drugsrus link. I feel like I've stumbled into Trainspotting. BTW, I do believe that's Moe with her. They make quite a pair.