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You don't actually buy every iPod as it comes off the line do you? This is just a joke for the comic? Or does each of you upgrade to a new one as it comes out so between all of you, you have every generation?

I just got an HTC Evo / Android phone. I was on Palm for years (Handspring Visor [not a phone], Palm Treo, Palm Centro, Palm Pre). I was going to give up after the Centro, but the Pre gave me high hopes...that were shattered.

So far, I like Android OS a lot. Palm's WebOS had a lot of things that were kinda better about the UI, but Android has a lot more polish and a much better app eco system. I'm glad there's a new iPhone and that iPhone stays competitive and keeps the industry moving, but it lacks too many features and is too closed for me to use as a software engineer. It looks pretty though. :)

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My friend Wes and I started talking about this a while back. Starfleet doesn't actually have money do they? Officers don't get paid anything, right? It's kinda communistic/socialistic? My friend Wes argued it's more libertarian, because there's no scarcity (they can just replicate anything they need).

And it seems most Federation plants don't seem to have a monetary system either. The Ferengi use Latinum (which apparently can't be replicated) and I wonder where Star Fleet officers get they money to pay Quark for anything in his bar (do they ever pay him for anything in his bar? Is there a Federation tab he just puts everything on?)