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We also haven't pinpointed the specific genes that cause all types of pancreatic cancer or red hair, for instance. Are these a choice, then, too?

Hell, not all the genes for melanin production have been identified, given the extraordinary size of the human genome. Maybe your melanin production is a choice, and you whites complaining about your miserable lot in life have chosen to become the suffering group that you are, when you could just decide to be black.

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Crime rates after 9/11 dropped as people experienced a surge or nationalism, while crime rates against people of Arab decent skyrocketed. If you sincerely believe that the assaults and murders of dozens of Arabs in the month following 9/11 (and the firebombing of a couple mosques) is completely unrelated to 9/11, despite what every scholar and even pundit says, that's your prerogative, but the fact of the matter is that they became disproportionately victims of crime. If you think it wasn't prompted by 9/11, so be it, but that only leaves assuming that they are ordinary targets for hate crimes.

Continue to nitpick every example and statement I make. Fine. But why? Do you sincerely believe that life is harder as a majority than as a minority? If so, stop reading the Carolina Review and meet more people. I figure this will be countered by the stereotypical "I have black friends!" statement, but the fact is if you did you wouldn't dare tell them that you're more oppressed than they are.

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1. (literally the first link after googling "violence against Muslims after 9 11")
2. Milk
3. I'm not talking of miscarriages of justice, I was talking of the systemic persecution of blacks in mixed race couples even after the repeal of Jim Crow laws ended that as official policy. Miscarriages of justice are unacceptable, but they tend to be against non-whites.

You are wrong on literally every count.

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Yes, I would say that oppression of a majority group by minorities is less common and less serious, and "oppression" in the form of disagreement with one's political views is deserved. Other political groups call that "competition" or "debate," but now that Bush is out of office and Congress is majority Democrat (due to the failings of the Bush administration), Republicans (who generally aren't conservative on MANY issues) are constantly lamenting being a [voluntary] minority group.

Regarding the seriousness of your "oppression:" Were you suicidal for 2 full years because you'd always been taught that being conservative was wrong? Are you not allowed to visit your significant other in the hospital as a conservative? Did your parents stop speaking to you for 4 months and cut all financial ties in your freshman year of college when they found out you were conservative?

I'm going to hazard a guess and say that none of these things happened to you, but feel free to continue to sob that "Liberals" disagree with you because your views are outdated and bigoted.

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Awesome parody! It's like The Onion, but not funny!

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I didn't think it was even possible to write a page of mocking tripe about an organization without ever mentioning its full name. I mean, I would have figured it have slipped in if only accidentally. Carolina Review, you impress me yet again.

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Based on what numbers? I'll use the CIA's:

Whites outnumber blacks 6.2 to 1
Christians outnumber non-Christians 3.7 to 1
Heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by 32 to 1 (estimate based on psychological studies finding 4% of men and 2% to be homosexual)

Your entire point seems to be that gays, blacks, and non-Christians aren't killed OFTEN, so it's acceptable, while people ridicule your ideals regularly. The two problems here are that (1) the consequences of each are very different (DEATH versus a bruised ego) and (2) it is your CHOICE to be conservative. The majority of people are not conservative, so you subject YOURSELF to their judgement. Gays, blacks, and people born outside of the US do not choose to do so (If you'd like to dispute the first, try reading any psychology book from any reputable author. Take a look at "twin studies"). All three groups may choose not to act on their desires to make a better life for themselves, but the point remains that they are who they are. You could change your views (if you think that one's views are not changeable, you're a fool for arguing on a website), but you choose not to. Don't compare your struggle to be accepted in a world that doesn't accept bigots to that of a gay or black man.

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Probably because these events are statistically irrelevant. Had they had a few hundred exhibits, then they could have perhaps focused on the sob story of your privileged upbringing, but they didn't. They instead focused on issues that people are much more likely to run into.

Have you been beaten or killed in the streets after a terrorist attack? Muslims and Sikhs have
Have you been assassinated for running for office? Gays and lesbians have
Have you been prosecuted as a rapist for having consensual sex with a white woman? Blacks have

I can go on, as you know, but you're too blinded by the tiny problems you've faced to have any meaningful discussion.