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With the amount of bullshit in Washington on both sides, I kinda hope that the Republican and Democrat soaps actually smell like donkey's or elephants. Probably more pleasant.

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#10 Let this be a lesson for you, if you really study you ninjitsu, you can become a jedi.

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Formal educations do not always imply intelligence. I know people who have their doctorate who can barely hold a conversation. They simply know ALOT about one particular arena and little about anything else. Having a graduate degree simply means you devoted a lot of money, time, and effort into one thing. People put hundreds of hours of time and energy into video games, however that would hardly be considered intelligence either.

Being well travels indicates nothing other than a disposable income, if you simply went to another country and tried to tell the locals why America is so much better, you would have missed out on an opportunity as well.

In my mind, the truest tests of intelligence are:
A) Recognizing Satire. Any one can take things at pure face value,however trying to find a deeper meaning or simply dismissing something as absurd for the sake of absurdity, having a chuckle and moving on to more pressing matters.
B) Having the ability to convince others of your own cause and ideas with words and actions.

You failed at both of these tests.

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#17 They will return.

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It helps give the "wasting away" look.

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Hmmm, lets just see a moment.

Where Is the "Excellence" in being a part of a company that lost 31 cents a share last quarter that currently has over $740B in outstanding debt and is getting dangerously close to penny stock territory.

For the "integrity" part of it, I'll just bring up collateralized debt obligations and the fact they paid 36% of TARP funds out as executive bonuses.

And if you are so good at "generating revenues", BofA wouldn't have needed to give Buffet 6% interest on newly issued Preferred stock or have such a cash flow problem that it now feels the need to charge every customer a $5 a month fee to access their own money.

Retail investors are going to disappear unless something drastic changes with volatility and investor confidence, and Merrill will not be far behind.

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#18 Not so much anymore. Hows that Bank of America buyout going?

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Next he should go after those gay little golf-cart things

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Part of what makes a table saw awesome is the fact your index finger can fly across the room at any given moment. If you are scared of losing a finger, you are not enough of a man to use power tools.

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#7 I would pay to see this movie, provided AhNold shots the annoying kid.