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So much saliva on my keyboard right now from salivating over the chaat and pani puri! So well captured too, I can feel the crunch in my mouth. I love the shot with tamarind sauce peeking out, captures the essence so well! [no food porn, hehe!)
And of course I like the ambiance pics, a favorite!

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LOL, as Christine told me, if you're looking at food porn, keep the screen far far away so you can actually see what you're looking at! Haha, I did so, and then noticed :) This one I glossed over since the food porn got distracting in a cool way!

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Yummo, can't believe I didn't see this before! Momsy will be pleased to see it. I have to say I love street-esque food, and you know what, I cannot believe you and I have NOT done street food ever. I seriously cannot recall (Chicago doesn't count). This is awesome, especially for the white knight :) LOVERLY photography!

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I actually like the look of this salad. I'd eat it ;) And then go somewhere down the street for dessert! I can totally IMAGINE the conversation we'd have at this place - an excited Sourabh and a fuming you. :) Only to be united by chocolate later.

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From a writing perspective, I absolutely LOVE the way you chopped off the start of RAW given that it requires a post of its own. The world is SO saturated of things that one article can often become a book, and many things deserve their own pedestal. A heartfelt writers dilemma that is shared so well :D

Depsite my disdain towards coffee, I have always enjoyed exploring it with you. (And funnily enough went to Mary's favorite hot chocolate place called Lily O Brien and got a latte!! Haha, somehow matched better with a passion fruit macaroon). This is a good enough piece that I can smell coffee by just looking at this article. Quite a rare feat when your article tickles the rarest sense of all, the NOSE! (Reminds me, despite your indifference to fashion, check out a list of my favorite colognes that I wrote about: Thy Nose Knows Best: A Name Game this way you don't have to look too far to make the men of your life smell good, since I know that scent gets your adrenaline rushing too! Hence the coffee love?)

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Sorry for the delay in commenting, but I must say this was a lovely read, making me miss you more than ever! Your affair and breakup with Starbucks is so aptly documented, and I'm glad you found me a significant role in it too! I have to say any love I have for coffee, which you know I am not a fan of, is because of coffee trips with you, Starbucks concocted drinks by your recommendation, and of course, your lovely espresso machine which by the way misses you lots too but is being put to good use :) I do find it funny that Starbucks is SO inconsistent, I haven't been to as many as you but have been to one in 7 states, and its undeniably a different experience. Oh well! I love toffee so I like the fact that thats what you were coaxed into buying! But your photography is amazing, I love the dreamlike effect of your photos (I enjoy closeups, although my friend C3lsius would classify some of the ultra closeups to examine a single grain more like food porn). Haha, keep it coming! My what a blog-like comment clearly brevity isn't my forte!

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Very awesome! I personally do NOT like apple pies at all (I think I blame it on being scandalized by watching American Pie when I was a little boy, haha!), but the tiny mini ones I can handle for sure. Amazing photography by the way, I'm glad the magnificent and humongous camera is doing its duties well :)

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Are these pics from your new camera? They are amazing! I love the way you've structured them into the post, two thumbs up!

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Aw how cute, would love to taste dad's cooking! And I love that you've changed it to I live in a Frying Pan!! Its so suiting :) The 'turn on the heat' part is a perfect touch. Can't wait for you to sizzle! [keeping along with the metaphor here]

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T-H-I-S I-S A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Makes me want to rethink the fact that I'm not a fan of cupcakes (too little cake, too much frosting, no cookie!!), but LOVE the fact that you can create so much ON a cupcake.