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I'll admit, I bought most of mine years ago and haven't replaced them. Is the "year rule" a usage or time thing? Because I don't use them nearly as often as I should (i.e. I don't go running/exercise as often as I should) and I have quite a few in rotation.

I think I bought most of them at Target (the C9 collection).

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Well, I gave myself a FitBit a few years ago to reward myself for getting into running :) Does that count as my favorite gift?

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Definitely want to keep increasing my 5k PR!

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For the Renola (which I've never tried) I'd go with the berry. I've had a bunch of the regular Larabars and would probably name chocolate chip brownie my favorite!

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We went with a local restaurant that we LOVED. We approached them (having already heard a few weddings have been held there) and asked if we could do it. We didn't have the reception at prime time (it was noon to 4pm) but that worked out for them. Their pricing was extremely reasonable (basically we had to pay at least what they would have made in that afternoon), but it worked out perfectly!

The secret with the non-traditional: find a place you already love (a park, a restaurant, a museum, a zoo) and see what they can do!

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I don't think we had an actual theme. Though the reception was held at a combination flatbread pizza restaurant/candlepin bowling place. So the theme was FUN!

Just started trying to figure out all the name change stuff. DREADING IT.

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We determined we wanted a child-free wedding. Then on the RSVP from Mr. and Mrs Last name, we get Mr, Mrs. and Babyname listed. 2year old, I guess, not baby. I didn't really know what to do because all I picture is marmo's situation. My fiance emailed the cousin (father of the baby) and expressed surprise about the inclusion of the baby (not in a mean way, but in a "i can't believe I haven't met the little guy yet" sort of way) and expressed the concern about fussy children. The response was "we worried about that, too, maybe we'll just come to the reception". At this point, I don't really feel like pushing the issue anymore, but I am a little peeved that they don't know protocol. Or couldn't hire a babysitter?

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I did the HBBC a few years ago and it motivated me to run on days that I would have much rather just sat on the couch. And since I've been doing a lot of couch-sitting again recently, I'm super excited this is here to get me back off the couch!
My recent post 2013 Fitness Wrap Up

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I'd probably put the gifts I'm giving them (i.e. the jewelry I'd love them to wear during the wedding), plus a thank you note with a message from me. Haven't thought too much about what else I'd like to give them, but I'll figure it out eventually!

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Good for you for starting! Saw one of your comment/discussions above about tracking numbers: I'm just as obsessed with tracking fitness stuff (weight, workouts, etc.) as I am with money.

Also saw that you ended up starving yourself with Weight Watchers by trying to stay under the points and stuff. I used LoseIt for awhile when starting out, and it helped me see where the extra calories were popping up. Stopped eating seconds, toned down on the unhealthy snacks. But I do think I also maybe undershot on calories some days, so I don't know if LoseIt will be just as dangerous as Weight Watchers for you. Just a thought. Watching what you eat + exercising will work together to get you where you need to be.

Also, drink water. I know everyone says that all the time. But thirst sometimes manifests as hunger, plus there's a million good reasons to keep hydrated. So, do that.

As for the getting exhausted business, I know all about that. In fact, the vomiting issue has been a problem for me in the past: after the past few 5k races I ran, I puked. Then and also during some exercises, if I push myself too hard, or my heart rate gets too high, I get sick to my stomach and think I might vomit. So, the feelings happen, it's a sign from your body that you're pushing too hard.

As for accountability, you should join in on the #pfworkout hashtag! We'll support you and cheer you on there.

Okay, I've said way too much for one comment. I'm really proud of you for starting this! I think videos can be pretty great, and you can get more through youtube and on-demand cable.

Seriously, I've kind of gotten obsessed with this fitness and healthy eating thing, so I'm here for more ideas :) And of course support!