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that's so exciting!! congratulations my dear!!

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Oh goodness ... i'm also a combo character too but if I were to pick the closest one, it would be Carrie. I am an analyzer and quite the lengthy thinker like she is, love to smile forever when I get excited, and turn sassy when feeling confident. I also love her witty sarcasm that shows up every now and then along with her interesting taste in clothes though some of her outfits I'd rather never be caught dead in ... hehehe.

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happy birthday <3!! i miss you, you deserve only the best on the day of YOU!!

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no i can't ... but i love love LOVE the lace gloves, i've been wearing an elbow length black pair recently (well when i can)

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this is BY FAR the CUTEST outfit of them all!! heart the sequins, especially the pink and love how you threw in a theme with balloons ... hope studies are going well, honey!!