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Your article is incredibly instructional! Looking at your work has enlightened me. Learned a lot from it. I will store your website and will continue to browse your upcomi-- I mean what I'm no spambot who gave you that idea?

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When asked about their vision, Netflix described the series as "Game of Thrones for kids."

No, really.

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I don't actually know if there's any other way to play Ness other than spamming PK Fire. That would be like saying you're NOT supposed to use the Falcon Punch at every available opportunity. And that would be ridiculous!

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I'm really feeling these updates.

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No I'm ok with it though.

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Gotta be honest, I was waiting for the day this site's hosting ran out. And what a sad day that would be.

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Tingle please!

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Agreed, tutorials are a necessary part of game design. Some games just manage to craft tutorials in an entertaining and game-y way-- an example I like to use is Portal, whose entire first half is basically all tutorial, but doesn't feel like it because of how those tutorials are designed.

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I dunno, Ubisoft told me not to mention those because they were too expensive.

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Nah man, Reggie confirmed for Smash. And considering how there isn't a limit to how many character slots there can be in the game, no such thing as a wasted character slot.

Miyamoto's new games look incredible. Project Giant Robot is my new jam.