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Take good care of your mom, Jamie, and when you're ready to come back, we'll save the front row for you.

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You said that no one thanked God during their acceptance speech. Why should they, since they gave him the Lifetime Achievement Award?

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I was also there at La Zona Rosa that night to see that band that were playing after BRMC, a Danish dance pop (that you'd probably hate) who had to be cut down to 20 minutes because of their extended set. Now I have a stick in my craw over BRMC.

I gotta say, though, Murder By Death is freaking awesome. I wrote such nice things about them as an opener for Gaslight Anthem that their label invited me to review the yawntastic School of Seven Bells a week later.

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You'll be able to catch Muse another time. It was good set, but not their best.

As for meeting the Spinning Platters people, you did meet some of us, and our secret is apparently out. According to your schedule, the next time we'll be in the same place is for Mastodon, so I'll be sure to say hi that time.

Your SXSW stuff has been consistently great. It's like I was there myself! Oh, wait a minute ...

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You've got a great website, and you really love your topic, so your site will definitely grow. It doesn't take long when you have a strong voice.

Also, Terminal 5? Kinda lame, no? It's a shame it keeps getting all of these great shows. But then again, New York has never had decent venues of that size.