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Excellent & accurate analogy!
Everything about the psychotic ideology of Muhammadanism is the antithesis of any real religion (i.e. moral codes of positive conduct and morality).

Nothing else epitomises the essence of 'living backwards' so explicitly: spell LIVE backwards = EVIL.

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Anti-semitism never made any sense to me either, since it was like attacking the 'mother church', so to speak – without the Jews keeping the flame of monotheism alive since Moses, there would be no Christianity OR western civilization as we know it! (Erm, or the ripped-off bastardised version in Islam, ha!)

Anyway, the problem I have with "democratically-minded Muslims of good will" (if not an oxymoron), as I pointed out, is how they can possibly reconcile that dissonance without repudiating their "prophet".


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Precisely! And thank you, although I'm not sure how one can point out why it is all bullshit any more "diplomatically" than that, without resorting to the same kind of verbosity this "symposium" spiraled into LOL

I guess I've become too sickened by diplomacy's bastard child, "Political Correctness", to be bothered indulging it any further (as the refuge of intellectual wankers) when the truth is the truth. In other words, call a spade a bloody shovel or be damned! ;)

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Unfortunately, this is just another typical example of dancing around the unmentionable ‘floater’ in the ‘punchbowl’.
If Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser truly believes, “Change cannot be imposed upon a rotten foundation”, why does he avoid identifying or confronting what that “rotten foundation” really is?

It never ceases to amaze me how supposedly intelligent and educated people (especially when raised in a free Judeo-Christian society) can still adhere to and claim Muhammadan Islam as a legitimate ‘religion’, despite all evidence to the contrary.

The extraordinary mental and psychological gymnastics required to persist in the notion that it can ever be “moderate” or “reformed” without completely repudiating everything associated with its vile founder/creator and exemplar is beyond my comprehension.

Trying to use the protestant reformers of Christianity as an analogous example is totally backwards; since Luther et al only had to show how the RC Church had perverted the original teachings and should not be followed – while Muslims have to be shown how their original teachings are already perverse and should not be followed!

To believe that attempting to prune or graft the branches of a tree poisonous at its roots is anything but a naive exercise in futility is intellectually dishonest.

Apostasy hu Akbar!

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Emily, you have hereby confirmed that Celeste was truthful.
Calling the movement she knew Celeste was a member of "teabaggers" is simply a passive-aggressive way to effectively call Celeste a "teabagger" in front of her class! So, far from being an 'attention seeker' or "liar", Celeste immediately recognized and noted it as her teacher's obviously inappropriate behavior and verbal abuse.

Thus further confirming that this "teacher" (also evidently unable to construct a coherent sentence) WAS blatantly pushing her personal ideology on students in the classroom.

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Oh really! Someone put you up to this, or just a 'freelance' troll? Whatever, if that were true 'your' teacher would have stated that as the actual intent and purpose and chosen an appropriate academic subject – or are you claiming that the assignment description quoted in the article is not what the class was given? If so, the analysis is simple: It is a crude propaganda film created by an ideologue known to be devoid of ethics (ethos) solely intended to appeal to emotion (pathos) without facts or any logical (logos) arguments whatsoever. There, and I didn't even have to watch the lousy POS!

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Actually, it's not a Pink Floyd tune the school kids are singing to (that's whatever the "school" devised). I just thought it was appropriate that the parody composers added that Obama indoctrination footage to their video – really drives it home.

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Yep, in typical liberal style, TJ has 'made stuff up' since this is presumably what is being referred to: a stupid teacher used an extremely inappropriate 'example' to teach geometry angles (did not "advocate assassination" & HAS been suspended for it, as he should be)

Which begs the question if he was equally mortified when the "film" "Death Of A President", depicting a fictitious assassination of GW Bush was shown at The Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 11, 2006. Leftists' double standards and hypocrisy know no bounds, do they?

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Excellent question! Guess we shouldn't hold our breath waiting for an intelligent reply though, eh?

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Thank you! You completed my thoughts, but as soon as they mindlessly parrot "racist" etc. I know there's no space left between their ears for facts or logic. i.e. "You can lead a fool to wisdom but you can't make him think" ;)