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From a biography of Samuel Untermyer, who pursued war against Germany from 1933 until he was near death, ~1940.

From "The Transfer Agreement," by Edwin Black, who makes obtuse references to it.

From Jewish Virtual Library, where Black is quoted saying the goal of the Jewish economic war on Germany was to "bring Germany to its knees," -- pretty much the same agenda so many American and Israeli Jews have in mind for Iran.

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YefehQol, your compatriots deny the existence of a 7" banner headline in a mass-circulation Newspaper. Is this because they are "very thick" or because they are "motivated by hatred"?

The narrative of holocaust that has been shoved down the throats of all the world does not account for a great deal of reality -- the fact that Jews declared war on Germany in March 1933 is a reality.

Allan Lichtman wrote in "FDR and the Jews" that within a few days of Hitler taking power in Germany, and as Nazis consolidated their authority, Nazis "calmed violence against Jews" in Germany. Lichtman continues: "Jews were not subjected to violence from 1933 until Nov. 1938; only after Nov. 1938 were Jews sent to concentration camps.

Jeffrey Herff told the owner of Politics & Prose in Washington, DC that had their been no war, there would have been no "final solution."
Hitler did not want war.
Norman Finkelstein is on record: Hitler did not want war.
Jews started the war.
The documentary evidence is irrefutable by anyone, regardless of their thickness or their hatefilledness.

The question you should ask is, Why did Jews start a war with Germany in March 1933, at a time when Hitler was CALMING relations between Germans and Jews?

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that's what you've told yourselves but the facts are:

It's a newspaper headline, in London Daily Express, Mar 24 1933.
The newspaper article -- and the Jewish declaration of war -- were put in motion by various Jewish leaders. The economic war against Germany was pursued actively by Jews, and those non-Jews that they called upon to join them, all the way until just after Pearl Harbor.
EDIT: Jewish leaders in USA and various European cities followed up the Mar 24 1933 Declaration of War with protests in NYC, rallies at Madison Sq Garden, speeches & pickets of major stores in cities throughout the USA. Perhaps you don't find Rabbi Stephen Wise credible; he was a major leader of the boycott against Germany, beginning in early March 1933.

Interesting that the Forward administrator saw fit to delete a statement of historical fact that is readily supported by irrefutable evidence and documents that were produced by leaders of the Jewish community.

You can delete a comment, but you cannot hide the truth forever -- What's that saying, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and
All of the people some of the time,
you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

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Take a good hard look at Egypt-- at Passover, Jews celebrate the way they destroyed the children of the Egyptians, stole Egypt's treasure and slaughtered Egypt's leadership.
Take a look at Jericho -- Jews just "celebrated" Yom Kippur, when they worship Joshua, who led the destruction of that peaceful village, the first agricultural village in history.
Take a look at (ancient) Persia -- Jews celebrate Purim, when they worship Esther, who led the slaughter of 75,000 innocent Persians, hanged Persia's trusted prime minister, Haman, as well as his 10 sons, and installed a Jew in his place.
Take a look at Dresden, Berlin, Frankfurt, Mannheim, and 130 other German cities that were destroyed by Allies in World War II, in addition to 6000 Japanese locales destroyed by Allies -- crimes against humanity for which the US & Britain have never been held accountable. Jewish architect Eric Mendelsohn volunteered to aid Standard Oil and US Air Force to develop techniques to most efficiently incinerate the maximum number of working-class German civilians & their homes.

Do you see a pattern here?

The pattern of the Hebrew bible stories seems to be: Destroy the native population then take over; then, in lands where Jews have dwelt -- and prospered, frequently while the native population struggled -- when Jews eventually tire of the locale, they leave, destroying the place as they withdraw: What the ancient Hebrews could no longer control, they destroyed.

Esther slaughtered 75,000 Persians in order to place Jews in charge of that nation; ever since Jews lost their position deep in the Shah's government, when Khomeini came to power in 1979, Benj. Netanyahu has been scheming on ways to destroy Iran.

Bibi's goal is to destroy Iran -- to do to Iran what ancient Hebrews did to Egypt, to Jericho, and what zionists aided in doing to Germany, to Baghdad, to Aleppo (which used to be a major Jewish enclave).

Shouldn't Americans start to consider that they are next?
Which American city will be the scene for the "false flag" that Patrick Clawson, who is owned by AIPAC, suggested must happen?

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Carcos asked: "Why is everyone so frightened of Israel? If the world leaders said enough is enough what could Israel do?"

- Sam Untermyer-to-Paul Warburg- to-Alan Greenspan-to-Sandy Weil-to-Ben Bernanke-to-Stuart Levey (you don't think Levey and his partner, Dan Cohen, could do to the US economy what they are doing to Iran's economy?)
-Chris Stevens (you don't think that was a horse's head in the bed?)

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fascinating comment on a PressTV article:

"Hormozin reply to aka
9/22/2012 4:58:47 PM
Well said. Saudi Arabia has purchased billions of tereasury bill from America which the USA has no intention to honor so they fabricate a situation to go to war in the middle east. In that case they not only default on their debt but also have all the natural resources of the middle east to themselves. Look how the federal reserve is printing money like there is no tomorrow. Eventually America needs a war so they can devaluate green back to zero and start with a global currency backed with gold. Smart government should pile up gold instead of worthless Dollar paper. God bless the leader of Iran and Iranian people."

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Junis, I don't see a connection between "predominantly white countries recognizing Israel at expense of Palestine," and whether or not Nazis were evil.
imo, Nazism should be analyzed in its own context, based on how it reacted to given situations not of its own making, and in whose interests it acted.

I'm not making a judgment whether Nazi=good or Nazi = evil. I DO insist that Germany, Hitler, and NSDAP 1919-1945 should be analyzed objectively & critically, based on facts.

re: Nazis collaborated with zionists. They both wanted Jews out of Germany. BUT only zionists wanted Jews ONLY in Palestine. Germany would have helped Jews migrate to Madagascar, Kenya, Dominican Republic.

Further, British collaborated with zionists and wanted Jews in Palestine. In that regard, British are more culpable for harms to Palestinians than were Germans.

Junis, I don't engage in white/non-white arguments. I'm not so sure about the racism and "racial purity" claims made about Nazi Germany. Hitler was passionately pro-German CULTURALLY. I suspect (don't have enough information to slam dunk prove) that many of the claims about Nazism fanatic racism is hyperbole.
The facts I see are that Jews were much more concerned about 'racial purity' and 'segregation' than were Nazis. In fact, Jews still do maintain separatist beliefs & practices.

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Webster Tarpley has interesting video on Mormon infiltration of US CIA

!!! well, this is interesting: Last week I watched 2 or 3 Tarpley videos on Mormons in CIA. Today they are GONE.

When will Amurikans take to the streets to demand rights of free speech?

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Avnery's essay is an epic FAIL.
"A one state solution is impossible because Arabs and Jews hate each other so much."

Recall in 'Pretty Woman,' when Gere offered to keep Julie Roberts in luxury, but not marry her, she rejected the offer: "It's just geography."

Look at the situation of Jews in the United States. As more and more non-Jews learn about what zionists are doing to the nation, how US media is controlled and high offices of US government are infiltrated -- Haim Saban's wife as UN representative, fer gawd's sake," the "truth" is going to generate an intensity of hatred between the two groups: Americans will come to hate Jews. It is inevitable. Some Jews know this and are attempting to end-run the situation, trying to distance themselves from the predations of uber zionists like Netanyahu, Dennis Ross, Adelson, Saban, Makovsky, Ross, Feith, Kristol, Wolfowitz etc etc.
It's reasonable that they should do so, but it won't work: a mob aroused does not make distinctions. Masters of mass propaganda know this, and Freud & Bernays introduced the concepts of mass propaganda.
So right here in the good ole USA, we will eventually have an atmosphere of group vs group hatred comparable to Jews vs Arab in Palestine/Israel. The only thing different will be geography.

When that happens, and it will; would Avnery propose a "two state solution" for the USA?

Do Jews get New York, Boca Raton, Chevy Chase and Bethesda and non-Jews get Idaho, Camden and S Central LA?

Where do the walls get built in Two-State USA?
Who controls the military in Two-State USA?
Who controls the financial system in Two-State JewSA?
Who controls the skies in Two-State USA?
Who controls communications, trade, borders, law enforcement, judicial system, political system, legislatures in Two-State JewSA?

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Guest, if you'll forgive my saying so, your response is unhelpful.
The entire world has been brainwashed to think in terms
"Nazi = definition of all that is evil."
Everytime the parallel is drawn, "zionists = Nazi," zionists laugh at you, because you are reinforcing the mindset they have created, and you demonstrating the ignorance and therefore impotence that they have deliberately set up.

imo, the most effective strategy for combatting zionism is TELLING THE TRUTH about Nazis: they were NOT "evil," not monsters.

Don't fulminate, tell facts; cool, crisp, objective, like this: "Here is a photocopy of the Jewish declaration of war on Germany, March 1933" ....
Arm yourself with the facts about what Germans experienced at the hands of Jewish (and American & British) financial manipulators & zionist zealots.
We know that facts about zionist involvement in starting WWII are like a hemlock stake to the zionist monster because of the intensity of their reaction to Iran's Holocaust conference (btw, Ahmadinejad was not flying solo when that conference was convened. Iranian leaders up and down the line endorse the concept that the holocaust should be researched freely, just like every other intellectual and historic event).