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sleeping beauty.......
I mean WTF?????

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Happy Birthday Listverse!!!

Listverse has become my new internet addiction!!

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Great list!!

BTW, I heard of this survey.
In that survey, people were asked, what game would they choose if they were locked in a room with only that game and nothing else. No contact with the outside world. They would have only one thing to do, and that was to play that game. Most people said SMB. I would also select SMB.

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What about Zorro, from mask of zorro??

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Holy Crap!!!!

This is so amazing!!

While watching this, I just thought ,this guy must have atleast had one really bad experience while doing this.
I mean, meeting people like these right in their doorstep, is just really crazy.

And while watching #4, it just reminded me of the movie American History X.

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woah, power rangers at no. 1!! I still cant believe it. I saw the movie when i was a kid.

And I thought twilight had a huge teen following rather than a adult following.

Also, I know you have included some hugely popular Japanese animes here, but currently the "big 3" of japanese anime have a HUGE adult following. Just search for either one piece, naruto or bleach and you will know what i saying.

Great list btw.

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How could all of you miss the simple most delicious food combination

Bread and Butter.

Just 2 good. Great combo any time you eat.

Cheers :D

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Nice list.
What about the Tremors sequels?? Tremors 1 was pretty good in my opinion, but they just fucked up the sequels really bad.

And "Home Alone 3"?? It was a bunch of crap as compared to the other 2.

And "102 dalmatians". I just liked 101 dalmatians for Glenn Close's performance, she did a fantastic job.

Also, Anaconda sequels?? I know Anaconda was pretty bad too, but its sequels were worse.

But for me the worst sequel will always be "Son of the Mask".

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very interesting list!!

I saw bun climbing on TV. Its pretty intense.

Air Sex... I was not surprised that it came from Japan. You can find all kinds of fantasy clubs in Japan.

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Yeah u r right.
But both of us, infact all the listversers here can agree that TyB is capable of making such a list really interesting.