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My fav is #5!! I've never a DJ that old with that much ENERGY!! Great video,

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Well Jeff... here goes:

My vision is to attract 1,000,000 unique visitors to my blog every single month. It is my intention is use my blog as a platform for creating an online community of Super Achievers (with 6,000 Members), a group of people desiring change and who want to manifest their hearts desires. I also want to attract the coaches willing to support this community of Super Achievers. link here for those interested:

... and my second intention is to create an online community of 1,500 members around Blogging for Coaches. It's a site to help coaches build their online business using blogs and blogging. We've got 16 so far... and I have no idea how we're going to reach 1,500. Blogging for Coaches link here for those interested:

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Hey Vishen,

Bob Proctor teaches something similar. He always says if you're not getting to where you want to be, then create a new picture (image, vision, etc). That's the starting point and it can't be over stated.

Overcoming financial problems is a great example. You can't get out of debt by focusing on your problem (debt). You get out of debt by focusing on creating wealth and abundance. It's those feelings of wealth and abundance that create a stepping-stone to help use move toward creating more financial abundance.


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Hey Gang,

Here's my contribution... 'Finer times for finer minds'


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Hi Noah,

This is probably THE best article that I've read on affirmations ( or should I say afformations? )

Fantastic job and thanks to the Finer Minds Team for including it on their blog.


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Here's a real gem for mood lifting.

Tell someone (a friend, co-worker, the mail man, etc.) how much you appreciate them. When you let someone else know how much you appreciate them two things happen:

1. That other person starts to feel better about themselves
2. You start to feel better about yourself

It's simple, but it works! Give it a try today.

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Hi William,

The last line you shared is such an absolute truth:

"Beliefs become embedded into our brains and become our behaviors which are our lives!"

I don't want to dismiss it, but I think most people read it and glaze by thinking, "well that's nice." But there is an absolute truth in that statement that digs deeper than most personal development books ever cover. It was roughly 8 months ago when I became aware of this fact: that our beliefs do indeed account for our behaviors. In fact most (at least 96%) of the programming in our subconscious mind is what drives our behavior... which is a starting fact.

In my personal experience belief modification is one of the most important skills we can learn to master.

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That was so cute - It's great to learn from someone who is such a good example ;)

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Great article - just when I needed it :)

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