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Very interesting list. A little bit of mysticism, a little bit of science. And alotta cool stuff.

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What an interesting list.

The Divine Right of Kings is ingenious. What a way to justify and sustain an Inequality system ... some will stop at nothing!

Social Darwinism and Scientific Racism are just a modern way of justifying inequality. Except this time they don't appeal to GOD, they appeal to Science.

Interesting indeed!

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Are you stupid? How would Racial Profiling make things easier?

Racial differences yield nothing that suggests people are a fucking terrorist or not. And it wouldn't be politically incorrect, it would be AGAINST THE LAW, and AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS.

I still can't believe some of the shit I hear on the internet.

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One word: Inception.

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Geraint, go to the website ... you will find MANY PhD professors talking about ALL 10 of those items on the list ... and considering them a possibility. There is nothing logically impossible with any of those theories, therefore they could be true. Sometimes you have to approach things PHILOSOPHICALLY rather than SCIENTIFICALLY. It's people like you that hinder progress by refusing to allow new ideas to come forth.

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Amazing list. I would have put the enigma that is Patrick Bateman up higher though.


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Oh man, the cows are striking back!

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Awesome, unique, and though-provoking!

I'm going to watch all of these.

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That's what's so great about this site. There's so many things that appeal to SO many people. So everyone can have a favourite.

This ... (hehe) is definitely not one of my faves, I rather like the ones about the universe.

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Great stuff! The only problem is this site is more addictive than crack.

I can't just get enough of one list ... I need them ALL! ALL THE TIME! MUAHAHAHAHA

ahem ... great stuff.