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Looks like such a fun time!

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That photo of them in your dresses is so adorable. Can't wait to hear all about Blissdom!

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So sweet. I can't wait to cuddle my squishy newborn. There is nothing quite like it.

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That video made me tear up, so beautiful and sad. Thinking of you and your sweet angel.
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Oh my goodness the last one! How scary. And totally something I could see myself doing. Glad you didn't actually flip your car, yeesh.
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Yes I definitely have, many times actually. I only realize it after the fact but so many times I will be in a situation and realize that I dreamed it. Also, there were three times in my life that I had dreams involving tornadoes and whenever I do I have shortly had a major life change.
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Really interested to see how your project goes. I'm horrible with clutter and hoarding things. Especially clothes. I KNOW I need to organize and get rid of some... but the what-if gets me every time, even for stuff I haven't worn in years. Sigh.
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I would totally do the same if I were a millionaire. Just travel around the world, and stop back in locally to see my family occasionally because I'm sure I'd miss them.

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I definitely loved Fotini's tip about volunteering in the class if your child is having issues. As great as teachers are they just can't catch every single thing.

I'm really looking forward to next week's topic too. Both of these are a couple years off in my future but I'd rather file the information away now than be scrambling at the last minute.
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Using footie pajamas to play in the snow is kind of genius! Looks like you had a lot of. Personally I enjoy about one good snow a year and then I'm over it.