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Alex Morgan - the girl you marry.
Hope Solo - your high-school ex you hook-up with when Alex kicks you out of the house.

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#3, that is all.

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Things to do today:
1) Drink Beer
2) Eat Food
3) Blow Shit Up
See you tomorrow Chive.

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#43 Derp.

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Oh, and #12, FUCK NO.

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#9 That's a lot of bacon.

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It's a Wonderful Life > A Christmas Story

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I hope you are being sarcastic. You can say the "Don't think, react." approach is for defense, but the offensive side of the game is much more mental than in any sport.

The quarterback has numerous audibles he must execute before the play begins, and he must make the right reads during the play.

The running back's job is much easier, but they still need to listen to their offensive linemen to see who to block.

The wide receivers routes may change due to the down and distance, the cornerback or linebacker's position, whether or not they have the large side of the field or not, and what the strong call is.

And many people do not realize this, but the offensive linemen are the smartest players on the field. O-linemen are consistently in the top percentile in the Wonderlic and I.Q. tests. This is due to them having to pick up the various blitzes, if they pull then who do they get, if they are reach-blocking, then they need to realize what the strongside and backside backers are doing, and then they make a decision on what to do. All the guts, none of the glory.

I don't remember who said this, but it went somewhere along the lines of this: "Football is 90% mental, and 10% physical."

Don't talk unless you speak from experience, please.

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They all look alike.

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No shit. If his phone just rang or something, then breaking it would be megabitchcunt move. But since he answered that shit, you deserve to get that shit broken.