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I will follow!!

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Your button for #Resound11 doesn't show up, just a space. Same thing happened to me. If you find out (or figure out) how to fix it, let me know, OK?

So, welcome to Twitter. My name is simplytrece - what name are you using?

Can you explain a bit about the One Little Word art journal? Class? Who with?

Don't forget your entries for 52Q!!

You are not only talented and busy, but a huge success! Congrats!!

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I am so thankful to have visited today. I love making pumpkin biscuits for breakdast or supper. Time for me to lay in some supplies!!
Also, I had forgotten about Operation Beautiful and Tracey Clark's I Am Enough. Thanks for the reminders.

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OMG!!! I had to clean my desk with a paper towel to get the drool up after I saw all your spray bottles!!! Fabulous cache of stuff you've got there!

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I am so excited!! I may even have room in my original 30 Days journal!!

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You are doing awesome!! I wish I could homestead like you!! And bees. . .

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"I just wanted to say" that I love your way with words, and yours is one of the few blogs I still actually read.
I particularly liked your words about Jean and recovery. I need friends like that IRL. . .
Have a wonderful day . You are a precious soul to me.

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I'm holding you in my heart and praying for you and yours. (((((hugs)))))

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This is one of your best posts. IT is making me happy today!

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Thanks for letting me know about Comment Notifier. When I have my own site, it is something I'll be looking into.