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"Apple is closed, Google is open. But what does open mean? if you're a cell phone manufacturer, you get a free OS. If you're a developer, then you're developing your apps with any IDE that you wish. Flash is a go. If you're an end-user, nothing changes. NOTHING CHANGES END USER."

I'm not an iPhone user, but I was under the impression that it's not possible to install apps to the iPhone without iTunes/AppStore unless you're jailbroken. Am I misinformed? Android will allow it if you select a check box that pops up a warning dialog. That's one change open vs closed offers the end user that might feel he/she doesn't need to be protected.

This also ties into a change you have not mentioned for developers. Freedom to sell/distribute their app outside the Android Market. They can offer it for download from their own website, or another market app, such as Slide Me ( ).

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I think it's the likelihood (certainty?) of "any Android tablet" having Flash (the Adobe kind) that made it a win.

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You're wrong there. At best google spec'd out what they wanted and told HTC "build me this". Google has no interest in selling phone or any other hardware. The purpose of the Nexus One was to show hardware vendors what they should be doing with Android. I think the Nexus One has served is purpose with devices like the Incredible and EVO having followed.

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I look forward to WebOS powering the next generation of HP printers...

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You're right... why believe Google about the products they created. Then we'd be just like the, Apple worshiping sheep. I'd love to hear a few of these short comings on the Nexus One. I can name so many. It muti-tasks, has expandable storage, flash for the camera, user swappable battery, noise cancelling mic, free turn by turn GPS... Ugh! What a completely useless phone amirite?