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Hey man,
I have been gone for a while for reasons we can talk about later but this post was GREAT. I've been there!! In different ways but I have been there. Really I am just coming out of a very dark place and it's nice to see others opening up about their dark valley's. Glad you and your family are doing well.


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Bro, look into other options with the apnea. That stuff is scary man. It may suck but it's better then leaving behind a beautiful family. Another reason I have chosen to get healthy and away from bad foods and sodas. Much love bro.

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Just awesome!!

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If I wasn't married I would speak in tongues with her if you know what I mean. LOL ;)

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Does this person realize that the Secret Service will be knocking on his door soon if they haven't already?

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I think the government can create jobs by how they conduct their business by changing tax policies, fair regulations, etc. I know personally I would love to see the Fair Tax as I think the government would bring in more money and businesses would have more money to use for expanding. I know I would love to see the income tax removed from my paycheck along with not having to pay per employee. There are lots of things the government can do to "create" jobs.

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Thats nuts!!

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WAIT!!! Dan Brown may have been right?!?!! MY FAITH IS RUINED!!! Ok not really!! In all honesty it wouldn't matter much to me if Jesus was or wasn't married. It would be cool and make him more human but beyond that I don't think it changes anything. Some may say that it could mean that maybe Jesus wasn't really God in the flesh but even then for me it wouldn't end my belief that Jesus was amazing.

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Poor guy!!