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All but those noted otherwise.

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Your update is inaccurate. And Mr. Kovacevich is incorrect.

In 2006, NewsBusters reported:

that Google had donated more than $1 million to left-of-center and that Moveon was using the money to fund its operations in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and Missouri. From the piece:

"According to sources in the Democrat National Committee, MoveOn has received more than $1 million from Google and its lobbyists in Washington to create grassroots support for the Internet regulation legislation. Some of that money has gone to an online petition drive and a letter-writing campaign, but the majority of that money is being used to fund their activities against Republicans out in the states."

In 2007, Google was still looking out for Writer Michele Malkin then reported:

that Google was banning ads placed by Republican groups - because the use of the name on merchandise abused trademark law.

Since, Google has joined with Verizon to make the Android cell phone - and thusly realized the practical absurdity of Net Neutrality. So has turned on them. ran an anti-Google petition entitled “Google: Say no to the reported agreement with Verizon to kill Net Neutrality and the open Internet.”

But the Google coin was given - and the play for pay ensued.

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