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I have this recipe about to cook, but there is no "high" setting on my Instant Pot? I'm guessing "bean/chili"?

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Read all your paperwork—they'll tell you one thing and have you sign another.

They nickel and dime you to death. If you're moving here because the rent is lower, look elsewhere. You pay more living here than in a comparable place that costs more.

Office staff is totally disorganized and leaves paperwork in your door (without even using tape—which they'd charge you for, I'm sure). My eviction notice was in a bush next to my door. (The eviction notice was because they credited my rent check to another apartment.)

The parking situation is terrible.

Repairs take forever. Broken garbage disposal took three months. (The last time I went in before it was finally replaced, they told me it was done already....) Leak in the exterior wall between the bedroom and the common area took months—three times my closet was soaked.

Learn from my mistake and stay far far away from this place.

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For example: we received Henkle's knives as wedding gifts. Very well-made, durable knives.

Since Henkle's started selling their knives at Wal-Mart, they moved production from Germany to China. The knives are now much lower quality.

So if I, as a consumer, would prefer to pay more for a well-made, durable product that I can use forever (instead of a cheaper one that I will need to replace), I am losing that option.

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Wal-Mart has also ensured that the quality of merchandise is crap. High-quality manufacturers who have started selling at Wal-Mart have shipped their manufacturing to China so that it's cheaper ... and with cheaper comes lower quality, which means that I'm getting lower quality regardless of where I buy it.

Price is not the only factor in buying.

(And if you really want to save money, stop buying crap at all, instead of buying it cheap.)

Yes, they employ a ton of people, but their salaries and benefits are not ones that I would clamor for.

Yes, their prices are cheaper, but the cost of low prices is not worth it. I have not shopped in a Wal-Mart (or Sam's Club) for seven years, and I don't plan to start again.

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Cost of living is cheap if you didn't happen to buy a house 5 years ago...

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For myself, I started carrying a purse (which I hate) with a long strap. I have in it my wallet, my keys, my cell phone, my iPod touch, sunscreen (which I medically need to wear every day) and business cards. After using any of those items, they immediately go back into my purse.

In the house, I have a convenient spot where the purse always goes. If my cell phone rings, I know right where it is ... and when I'm done on it, I put it back (unless it's charging).

When I'm out, if I drove, I feel free to take the purse off and leave it anywhere safe — I can't get far without it, as my keys are inside. If I didn't drive, I keep it on. The strap is long enough that it's out of the way.

My husband has a spot where he empties his pockets. It's a huge mess, but his wallet, keys, and phone are always in that mess somewhere.

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I don't think that being minimalist necessarily means that you don't *want* stuff, just that you don't have a lot of it. Or are paring it down. Even as I am cleaning out and cleaning out, there are still things that I want. I just don't buy them. Usually :)