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Yeah, which I'm sure will be brought up once the case gets to the merits. At least one student lodged an official written complaint against the plaintiff and I believe others have made verbal complaints, all of which includes harassment as part of the complaint.

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Yeah. They weren't interested in taking up ME without a split even though the circuit courts used different rationales, so this should be no different.

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It's not so much a case of infringing on the rights of others to believe how they want so much as a case of believing that the right to free speech is more or less unlimited. That he has a right to preech and hand out literature whenever he wants, as long as it isn't during class time. And that he has this right even if others think he's being disruptive.

The school policy is that students can hand out literature that they or a fellow student has written and produced before and after school at the entrance/exit of the building. He's been suspended (after warnings) for handing out a tract from a third party during school hours. He also likes to preech at lunch and school events.

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On yet a different note, here's a little humor for Notorious RBG fans:

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I'm still having trouble also. I really don't like the mobile version. There's no way to adjust the text size and the teensy print is difficult to read with middle-aged eyes!

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For those not familiar with the case of the preaching kid in Washington, the request for the TRO came from the kid, who is the plaintiff. He's brought a First Amendment suit against the school district and various school officials. He wanted a TRO that would prohibit the school from enforcing their policy on handing out literature on school grounds. He has already been suspended two or three times for his actions since the beginning of the school year.

The case isn't specifically related to gay issues. None of the news reports or court documents I've read have said anything about him targeting gay students. Rather, he has been disruptive in general, and according to fellow students frequently tells them they are sinners and going to Hell. I'm quite sure he is anti-gay, but he appears to liberally spread around his fire and brimstone to anyone who doesn't believe as he does, even other Christians.

The reason the case is interesting to us is because the group that is providing the lawyer is the type that does get involved in our cases. And it's related to free speech and freedom of religion cases and laws that are becoming more prevalent from the ultra conservative right.

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Marriages are taking place in Arizona, right? (It's easy to lose track woth so many cases at so many different stages.) Since people are marrying, there's no benefit to our side to spending time and money in court. So stipulating to putting things on hold pending a SCOTUS decision makes sense.

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I guess he didn't get the memo that homos aren't the only people who contract AIDS?

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A few months ago it was like that for me. But for the last few days I only get the mobile version on any page other than the home page. It's frustrating!

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I'm stuck in mobile mode also. I'm using a tablet, but want the desktop version because I can pinch and enlarge the otherwise teensy text. The mobile version doesn't allow that for some reason.

On other sites there's usually a link near the top to switch but I can't find one here. At the very bottom of the page it says mobile theme and then on/off buttons. But clicking on the off button only gives me a page can't be loaded response.

I hope this can be fixed so we can go back to the original format.

p.s. The home page is normal for me. But I'm forced into mobile mode when going to individual posts or comments.