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Oh man, I should never have found your blog... now I just want all of it! LOL :) I need a real job to help pay for my office supplies/organization fetish! hahahaha :)

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Awesome!!! So so glad it's working for you! :) I need to work up a sheet for this coming week and the rest of this week also. When I use the sheet, I always am more productive... it's so easy to back-slide, however! So, I need to get back on my horse! Thanks a ton for the link! So glad it's working for ya! :) [It's such a pain to find a method that works, so to see any success is just wonderful!]

Sent a quick tweet to ya. Then I realized I can log in with my wordpress account and add a comment. Please do let me know if you have any questions, but I think if it's working for you, there need be no worries about questions or altering anything! [I can change things on the form for you if you like, and the pdf should be editable in adobe illustrator I believe.]

Big cheers!