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i find that the iPad supplements what i do on my main computers, but doesn't replace them. i use my iPad every night to read and play a few games. i use it during meeting often as well. the one thing that i need to make it a more productive device is Google Docs integration. otherwise, it serves a purpose, but that purpose isn't to replace my laptop full time.

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mine is in Anchorage, Alaska and showing a delivery in west Michigan tomorrow. we'll see.

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drop Microsoft Office and switch to Google Docs (or even open source Open Office) to save much, much more. All students in the Allendale Public Schools (6-12) have a laptop that only contains open source software and teachers have assignments written and submitted using Open Office just like MS Office, except that Open Office and other open source tools are free. i have been using only open source tools in my teaching for nearly a decade. It can be done and it can save a lot of money.

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uhhh, your link is about liberal education, which has nothing to do with democrats or people on the left. you appear to be very confused . . . or even "crazy." ;~)