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Hey Brad - thanks for this. Another great switcher manufactuer is DataVideo:

the SE-500 is a cheap SD solution:

the SE-2000 is a great (and cheap) HD solution:

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Right with you Mike.

I find everything, in my realm on marketing, I get the best advise and insight from Christ.

Thanks for this interview, it was very useful


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"Faith in business simply places core values where they should be in the hierarchy of leadership principles"

Totally - this is SO good. I've read it before, but glad to read it again.

Thanks for this Mike. I also understand all the more why your hierarchy works compared to other ones that place, say goals, first.

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lol - I hope so!

Thanks for the kind words Mike. I really enjoyed this post - especially your remarks about John uniting faith with leadership.

It's sad to see in the social media arena there are many people who hide their faith. I have so, so many people who privately tell me how much they support me because I make no division between my faith and work - and it upsets me that they feel that they can't be vocal themselves.

I find this is a negative trait of social media in particular - it's ok to "be you" as long as you don't have any strong convictions of faith (of course, unless it's about Mac of PC! :-)

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Mike, thanks for this.

I've been reading Maxwell for over 10 years now, since I was 16, and he's helped me a lot!

Now I'm 26 and reading Myatt :-)


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Great peice, thanks MG.

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Must confess, I'm finding Chrome for Mac very unstable.

Anyways - I know Idio very well who have developed some excellent Chrome extensions, like the one at

The traffic, they say, is through the roof.

Ask @andjdavies for details if you need them

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Post Rank really is a useful tool. Helps me no end.

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What a stupid blog title!

Niche has always been where it is at. Come on guys, up your game.
My recent post Let Attendees Be Participants

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Love it!